Side scrolling games were first introduced in the form of arcade games, and then were introduced to gaming at home, through the release of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1983. Side scrolling was a vast improvement, because it allowed the video games world to expand way beyond a single screen. Typically, the graphics of the world in a side scrolling games expand when you walk to the right side of the screen, and sometimes back to the left. This creates the illusion that the side scroller covers much more area, and was an advantage to previous game systems that only depicted on specific, stagnant, background per level. Of course, the side scrolling was soon replaced with the boost in technology, that created limitless worlds through three dimensions, instead of the 2D walk to the right or left.


Though technological advancement in video games is necessary and adds for bonus entertainment, the vintage game play of side scrolling video games is one that's worth being nostalgic about. Side scrollers offer a certain method of gaming that can't be matched any other way. It was a simpler time, graphics were not as good, levels were not as diverse or intricate, but the games were still just as challenging. Who doesn't reminisce over the side scrolling fun that was experienced in such games as Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country? These titles, and many others, illuminated the vast possibilities that side scrollers could incorporate into the video game market.

Donkey Kong Country

Due to the available technologies to the video game world, it seems as if companies doubt the possibility of side scrolling video games becoming popular again. Just because technology is advanced, doesn't mean that you should simply drop a form of gaming (that was very fun and popular). The modern graphics and design could be incorporated into a new game that touched basis on the retro aspects of side scrolling. I strongly believe that a modern side scroller would be vastly popular if it were created right.

Because this style of game play is not popular anymore, I suggest to take a trip back and play many of the classic games side scrollers that are timeless. You can purchase vintage consoles from ebay, along with many different classic games for cheap. I would recommend the different Mario Bros. games for starting off, because they are the most popular.

There are a couple of modern side scrolling games, which may be a positive direction for the style, showing that it at least has some life left in it. For handheld gaming systems, the gaming style is often used in titles, due to the limited amount of technology that can be implemented, and the tiny screens. The Game Boy DS and Game Boy Advance have many different side scrolling games in their catalogues, ranging from popular titles that were on vintage consoles, to new games specifically made for these portable systems. There are also several vintage side scrolling games available through online content download, such as the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Marketplace. The Nintendo Wii also created the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is a newer version of the classic side scroller style.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

It is clear that side scrolling video games should be popular once again. They are extremely fun, and they create an entertaining, classic atmosphere for the gamer. Even though new technologies are available to us, we should still honor what was successful at one point. Several of the original side scrollers were some of the top selling video games of all time. They would be a fun throwback for our modern society.