Simplicity rules the day in the game of network marketing. If you're going to succeed, you got to know this principle intimately. That if you're looking around at all this stuff on the internet, telling you that you need to be online and that "old school" is dead... don't get brainwashed!

The internet is awesome! I love it. I use it to generate leads and have generated hundreds of dollars of cashflow outside of my personal network marketing company thanks to the internet and the powers that be within it. However...

The truth is, no huge downline built into the tens of thousands has ever been built on the internet. Mostly because it is impossible to do.

It's that you can't personally recruit thousands if you got good enough, it's simply because your people can't do the same thing as you. Which is why..

Simple Tactics Create Big Checks in Network Marketing

The reason why simple tactics like holding home meetings, networking over facebook, or handing out DVDs works so much better than a whole team doing mass market Google PPC or SEO is for hte simple reason... that there is enough room for people to do the old school stuff!

It is not extremely competitive like it is online where you always have to look for the next thing that works and always have to be alert as to what is happening. Also it is easy to do right-away. As in, distributor Joe can signup with your XYZ business today and start calling friends & family, or handing out dvds, or talking to people over Facebook.

It's not complicated, thus they can start seeing results quickly. When using simple tactics, remember you'll never be the master recruiter bringing in a hundred people at a time, but overtime you will build a much stronger solid base than our internet marketing peers who preach just to use the internet to build their big checks in network marketing.