Sliding shower doors will bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom. Also, this type of doors is very comfortable inside the bathrooms. Bathrooms are not particularly large spaces, on the contrary. And, since you have a lot of things to put in there: sink, cabinets, the toilet, shower enclosure, you need some type of doors that don’t take space. Sliding shower doors are perfect from that point of view: you can operate them even in very small bathrooms. You can build your shower enclosure form drywall and tiles and you can add customized doors to it. There are lots of companies that build you personalized sliding shower doors.

 Sliding Shower Doors – Much Better Than A Curtain

If you use a shower curtain in your bathroom, maybe it’s the time to trade it for a real door. There are doors that can be installed to the shower enclosure, but also ones that are suitable for your bath tube. When people are showering, a lot of water and soap residues end up on the bathroom floor. A shower curtain can’t keep all the water inside the bath tube or inside the shower enclosure. Not only that you will have to clean and to dry the floor every time after you or another family member takes a shower, but you can also risk serious accidents. A set, slippery floor is the last thing you need inside the bathroom. Cleaning a shower curtain it’s almost impossible. You can put it in the washing machine, but it will probably be completely ruined after one or two washing cycles. The fact that you can’ t really clean it and dry it after use transform the shower curtain in the ideal spot for lots of dangerous bacteria to grow. With sliding shower doors, the situation is very different. You can easily wipe them and dry them in a matter of seconds, after you shower. Also, once a week you can disinfect them with an antibacterial cleaning product.

Another important aspect to mention is the aesthetic one. Good quality sliding shower doors look infinitely better than any shower curtain. Once you install them, you will have them for years.

 Sliding Shower Doors Made Of Glass

If you want to install some new sliding shower doors in your bathrooms, you should definitely consider glass. Shower doors made of glass look great, are durable and easy to maintain. A lot of people are worried about those doors, because of the accidents that might occur if the glass breaks. You should know that the glass from the sliding shower doors is very thick and the chances of having them break into pieces while you are showering are practically inexistent. Even if an accident occurs, like if you hit them with something hard, there will be a small chip in the doors, like the ones that appear on the windshield of a car. So, you can rest assured, sliding shower doors made of glass are quite safe.

Once you install them, it will be much more easier for you to keep the bathroom clean. You can apply any type of cleaning products on glass, without worrying that you will ruin them. You can use rust and lime removing products or antibacterial products, and your bathroom will always look spotless.

 Sliding Shower Doors – How To Install Them 

When it comes about installing them, there are a few steps you need to follow. First of all, measure carefully the space where you want to put them. Take the measurements with you and go to a bathroom appliances store or find some specialized websites. If your shower enclosure has standard dimensions, it will be very easy: you can order the doors and you will have them in a day or two. If you can’t find the right dimensions you need to buy, you have to order the sliding shower doors to a manufacturer. It will probably take a week before they will deliver you the doors. You should allow the professionals to install them in your bathroom. Those doors are very safe, but only when installed properly. If they are not mounted right, you will have a lop of problems with them – they will be hard to maneuver and they will break faster.