Moving to Las Vegas is something a lot of people have wanted to do over the years. Some of the people that have wanted to move to Las Vegas actually end up moving to Las Vegas. Many of these people excel in life down there and love it. Other people however, hate it and end up returning back home. Here are some of the top reasons people hate living in Las Vegas after they move there from somewhere else.

Not Like TV

There have been many movies on television shows that took place in Las Vegas. The Show Vegas was very popular and I am still amazed at how many people I talk to are under the impression that when they get moved to Las Vegas there life will be as exciting and fast-paced as it is in the television show. People, you will probably not be living the television lifestyle. You can still experience many great and epic adventures but if you think every day will be like the movie The Hangover then you will be severely disappointed.

Hooked on Gambling

 If you become addicted to gambling then you may lose everythign you own and be forced to move away. On a good note, Las Vegas as some of the best programs around for gambling addicts who want help.

Every Day Is Not a Party

Las Vegas is known as a party City so it is only naturally to party when you visit Vegas. If you are thinking that you will be partying everyday and spending your days like they do in the Hangover then you will not get what you want. Yes Las Vegas is great for Partying but most residents stray way front the Strip and even avoid it at all costs unless they have an out of town friend or relative coming to visit who wants to see it. Many Los Angeles Software Developers come to Vegas to party once a month or so for a weekend. These Los Angeles Web Developers and other businessmen from out of town will tend to party more than the business men and tech guys who live in Vegas.


If you want to get away front the cold winters then you can you move to Vegas. Yes a warmer winter is definitely great if you hate the cold snow winters and you live in Northern Minnesota. The problem is the summer will be over 110degrees at times. The simmers in Vegas can and do get extremely hot. If you work outside then you will find that during the peak summer temperatures you may start working at 4:00 AM and then be finished by 9:00 AM because it is just too hot. If you work inside then you will feel cooler with the air conditioner blowing but your electric bill will be much higher when you are forced to keep the AC on a lot of the time.

Poor Economy

The Las Vegas economy is recovering and jobs can still be found. Unemployment is hovering just over 10% but if you want a job you can still get one in Vegas. The people who will struggle the most down there are people that have to have a specific job that utilizes their Masters Degree. You may or may not get lucky. You need to research out the economy and the job situation before you decide to move down there and you need to be flexible and get a job to tide you over until you can get the specific job you desire.

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