As blogging becomes more and more popular, there has hardly been a better time to start a blog and enter the blogosphere. But why should one start a blog?

Blogging is extremely easy to pick up

Blogging used to be such a hassle that few wanted to try it. Today, with all the systems available, anyone can start a blog in just a few minutes. One does not need any special technical experience or knowledge.

All he needs is an idea and a passion for his topic.

Blogs are easy to maintain
In the beginning, blogs used to be difficult to maintain. No one wanted to have to maintain HTML pages, constantly swapping out older HTML files with new, updated pages. What a pain?

With modern web technology, however, the blogger simply needs to log in to the blog platform or CMS of his choice and add a new post. The technical details are taken care of for him without any of the hassle.

Systems like WordPress are easy to update and are quite secure. Many blogging systems can even be used with blogging clients that allow the blogger to write from his desktop - without the need to visit his website.

Blogs can be syndicated
Blogging is a great way to get the word out about a topic. RSS feeds allow users to quickly subscribe to a blog and receive immediate notification of new posts. These RSS feeds can be shared across the Internet, quickly bringing in a massive audience.

Blogs are personal
News-like articles found across the Internet are great, but few websites offer the personal touch of blogs. With a blog, a blogger is free to speak of his own ideas and feelings. The words "I" and "me" are not uncommon. For many web users, this provides a much desired personal touch - thereby increasing the site's value for the user.

Blogs are search engine friendly
Search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo! and the like love blogs. Search engines love constantly updated, dynamic content. This is precisely what blogs provide. Because a blog is so search engine friendly, it isn't hard to outrank static websites of the same topic and keywords.

Blogging is social
Because of the personal nature of blogging, blogs are largely very social websites. Comments allow users to get involved with the blog's content and respond to the blogger - offering immediate feedback, questions, concerns and encouragement.

Blogs are immediate
Because of the nature of a blog, content is posted and available immediately after you have finished writing it. There is no need to wait for approval from an administrator or moderator. What is posted goes live when the blogger wants it to go live.

Blogs are professionally stable
As a blogger, one has complete control over his website. Blog posts cannot be deleted without notice. He decides what to write and when. With no overhead, he is his own boss.

Blogging is inexpensive
Numerous options await those who wish to start a blog. Most of these are free or relatively inexpensive. Posting new content is free, and maintaining the site is free.

Blogging can be a money maker
If a blog becomes popular enough, one may have the opportunity to make significant money by selling ad space in the blank areas of the blog. Until the blog becomes this popular, however, he may wish to look into running Google AdSense ads.

There is no one single reason to start a blog. Each person who starts blogging does so for his own reasons. However, it is my hope that you will consider this list of compelling reasons to start a blog and launch one of your own. It is a truly rewarding experience that, if done right, you will not regret.