You are your child's FIRST teacher

 How they relate you in learning at home is directly connected to how they will learn at school. Teaching and reviewing at home is a great way to reiterate lessons from school. It also gives your child extra practice which will promote success....which promotes CONFIDENCE.

You would  be surprise how much confidence influences your child in school.  Having a fear of being wrong will lead to them not asking questions which will cause them to fall behind. Mistakes are a healthy part of learning. Make sure that your kids know that. How do you let them know? You tell them! In exact words "making mistakes means you are getting better".

No need to honey-coat it. It is that simple. When they are become frustrated they may not want to hear that but when they IMPROVE remind them of when it was harder and they made mistakes and how it lead to it being easy.

Here is one activity that has worked wonders for my kid. If you look at the picture below, the piece of paper is the actual worksheet my son's teacher sent home for math homework on Rounding to the Nearest Ten.

Reviewing a math lesson at home with my 8-year old son

My son struggled a little but by the last two problems, he got it.

It is very important to maximize the feeling of success that your child experiences as close as possible to the moment they are feeling it. It puts you and your child at an advantage in the learning process because when they feel successful...they feel confident!

So after my son finished the math homework, I put examples that were set up almost identical to the worksheet on my white board. If you don't have a white board, you should get one! It is an amazing tool for home organizing, teaching kids and your home business.

Doing this worked out a few kinks in his understanding of the lesson and gave him the room to make a few more mistakes so that he could correct them. Plus, it's fun! What kid do you know that does not like to write on the board?