The Insanity Exercise Program has been nothing but a big hit so far. There has been a lot of testimonials from people saying that this product from Beach Body really does work. So we had to ask ourselves - Why Does it Work So Well?

Simple answer. This program makes you WORK. [Just letting you know - there are ton of Insanity Workout Tips that you can follow]. It seems like most people don't understand this concept, but if you apply yourself to lose weight, chances are - you will lose weight, no matter what type of weight loss program that you utilize. It doesn't have to be Insanity in order for a person to lose weight. It can be cycling for three hours a day. Just pop in a movie and cycle every away. In 30 days - you'll lose a lot of weight.

Insanity is a variety of exercises that includes strength training that helps you lose weight and give your muscles some definition - as well as your abs. Nothing magical about it. You just have to give an hour a day in order for this to happen. Also, if you do use Insanity to help you lose weight, make sure to put 100% into it. This will help you lose weight more effectively.

The is the bottom line - work. You have to devote yourself. It's very easy to put off doing Insanity or any type of exercising at all. There are a lot of people that is involved in their careers, family, church and social events and hardly have anytime to put into working out. Time is precious, but if you really want to lose weight or get ripped (or both) - you'll have to sacrifice something else in your life. Believe me - it's not all about losing weight, it's about keeping healthy. Our heart needs a workout almost every day and this is one organ we can't neglect. This is why you have to sacrifice.

So take some time out of your busy schedule to do one of the more important things in life (I'm sure your TV time can be cut an hour every day). Not only will you lose weight but you will become more healthy. Also - make sure you eat healthy as well. It doesn't make since to exercise an hour or two a day and eat nothing but fast food. That would be pretty crazy - yet, I know a lot of people that do this.