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The internet can be very helpful but also very hurtful. Yes you can use the internet for great things but one must be aware that the internet can be a tool of destruction too. This article discusses the risks of the using the internet.

        What You Say On The Internet Never Goes Away

          When you write something on the internet it is there forever meaning you will never really be able to delete what you write or post online.  There are hundreds of search engines,people devices and servers that archive pages on the internet. How do I know? The police use these archives to prosecute people who do bad things on the internet. Lets say you wrote you where going to kill someone on the internet. If someone notifies the police even if you delete what you wrote they will still be able to find it.  Facebook is an area where this happens a lot. People write things on Facebook and even when they delete it people will still be able to find it. This is why Facebook is sometimes not safe. If you want to learn more on how to retrieve web pages from the internet then see this article. 

Predators Are Always out

The internet can be a scary place at times. People are always looking to hurt you. The Craigslist killer is a great example. This man killed numerous people when he was pretending to buy something from Craigslist. He would go to your house and kill you.  This can be really scary. There are people online who want to hurt you and people must be aware of this. Don't post your address or phone number on the internet. If you do someone might see it and use it against you. Don't post personal information in general. If you have a credit card don't give it out to a whole bunch of people ,keep it safe.



Scams are there

          The internet is a big place scam artists work. These people make scams of all kinds from selling fake stuff to cheating you into giving them your credit card info. I only buy stuff from reputable sources online like amazon or trusted sellers on Ebay.  If a site doesn't feel right then dont use it. If someone is asking you for information that they don't need then don't give it to them. Sometimes people will say that your credit card didn't go through so you need to  give them the expiration date or even more info on it. Don't do it. The person might not be trying to scam you but it is better to be safe then sorry.


Protect yourself from viruses


          Viruses are all over the internet. Anything from Trojan horses to spyware can be a threat. I use the latest software to combat viruses like Macafe. This software and softwares like this help protect your computer from viruses.  Believe me spend the extra 80 dollars to get the anti virus because when all your stuff gets destroyed you will be wishing you had it.  More and more people in Asia,Africa and even America are trying to hack into people's computers. Hacking is a serious and ever growing issue. You can get hacked by just opening an email and some viruses don't even make themselves known till its to late.



        Now you have seen that the internet is not a walk in the park. You must be aware of what you are doing on the internet.  Not all people will try to harm you or get something from you but protect yourself from the ones that do.