The New Balance 608 is a great shoe for many different types of sport and indoor as well outdoor activities. The New Balance 608 is a cross trainer constructed with premium upper leather which provides comfort, durability and breathability especially. The sole of the New Balance 608 consists of non-marking rubber, and feature the patented “Abzorb” technology for phenomenal heel and forefoot shock absorption. 

If you are an active person participating in any type of sport for more than three hours a week, the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine recommends using a shoe particularly for that sport. Having a shoe for each activity is costly, especially if you play a handful of sports. An economical alternative is to invest in a pair of cross trainers, like the New Balance 608.

 In 1987, Tinker Hatfield, got the idea of a cross trainer at a fitness center, while working out. He noticed that participants were changing shoes when they changed from one activity to another. For example, a person was weight lifting then changes his shoes so that he could go run. Hence, the idea of a cross trainer was born. Hatfield thought that it would be nice to have just a pair of shoes for all sporting activities that provided adequate comfort and support. The New Balance is a pair of cross trainers for use in more than one sporting activity.

The New Balance 608 is a cross trainer available for men and women and infants as well. Cross trainers are “multi-purpose” sport shoes. Hence if you are the type of person who enjoys a variety of sports or different workout routines, the New Balance 608 is just the type of shoe you really need to invest in. If you decide to buy New Balance 608 cross trainers make sure to use it for all sporting exercises and not for running only. The New Balance 608 is not suited for running purposes, as the cushioning and flexibility is not adequate for this type of exercise. As a runner you will find other shoes that offer support for your feet while running.

The New Balance 608 is not very appealing to the eye and if you are an outdoor person you will need to wash the shoe repeatedly to keep it clean, especially if you buy a white pair. However, many satisfied consumers agree that the New Balance 608 provides excellent comfort and support during most sporting activities. Overweight people found that the New Balance 608 provided better support and comfort compared to other cross trainers they had used before. The New Balance 608 is especially helpful to people who suffer from knee or back problems. Many of these sufferers said they did not try other brands of cross trainers after they discovered the New Balance 608 cross trainers. The special foam found in all New Balance 608 cross trainers provides this comfort. This special foam uses both soft and firmer density foam to offer the most foot cushioning in a shoe. The effects of the foam do fade after six to twelve months, which is also the time when most people think about buying a new pair of New Balance 608.

Health care professionals as well as teachers, who are on their feet for most of their day, are able to wear these shoes without any discomfort or blisters. The company tried to improve the shoe and came out with a newer and supposedly better model than the original New Balance 608. However, after many complaints from customers, saying that the newer model was running smaller and narrower than before, the company reverted back to manufacturing the original New Balance 608.

Another special feature of the New Balance 608 is the internal shank which provides gait stability when in use. Furthermore, the New Balance 608 cross trainer is lighter than most, because of the phantom liner which not only reduces the weight of the shoe, but also gives a good fit and comfort. Many women who wear the New Balance 608 women’s like the arch support the shoe provides. Consumers who bought the New Balance 608 mens cross trainer found that the only drawback was, that there was not an adequate choice of styles and colors to choose from. It also seems that toddlers are just as happy with the comfort and support that the New Balance 608 infant cross trainers give. Most parents who purchased the shoe said they would recommend this brand to other parents and buy the same brand when needed again.

Originally, the manufacturers of New Balance shoes wanted to concentrate on developing trainers that provided  the best arch support. Today, the New Balance 608 offers the patented “Abzorb” technology, sleek designs and a lightweight shoe. This together with all the other advantages mentioned above gives an indication why the New Balance 608 is still popular today as when it was first introduced in the 1990's.