Oprah WInfrey
Credit: funplusfun.com

                I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey.  I have been enjoying her from the moment she played first played Sophia on the Color Purple back in 1982.  When she started the Oprah Winfrey Show, I became an even bigger fan because her message was good and as the years moved on the messages became a lot more positive.  She changed millions of lives with the important subjects that she continually covered.

            After 25 years of doing the Oprah Winfrey Show she announced that she would be stopping the show to pursue other endeavors.   She started the next phase of her career on the OWN network.  Me being the fan that I am; my expectations were high for what was sure to become a media sensation.  Okay, at least in my mind that was the future of the network.  Well much to my chagrin and millions of other fans the OWN network has been very disappointing.  Below are some of the reasons that I feel the OWN network is failing.

  1.  Recycled TV Shows.  If I watch the other networks I can see Dr. Phil, Suzie Orman and Dr. Oz.  Most viewers aren’t going to waste their time going to the OWN network to watch recycled episodes or spin versions of their shows.  As an example, although Suzie Orman has “The Money Class” on the OWN network, it’s almost duplication except of her show on CNBC except there is a live audience. 
  2. Boring Content.  Although there is some original content, most of it is very boring.  There isn’t too much more that you can do with Reality TV than what has been done already on channels like Bravo and VH-1.  Although the attempt is appreciated the celebrities are not popular enough for people to want to tune in every week to see what’s going on in their lives. 
  3. Oprah Can’t Do it All.  The only shows that seem to get decent viewers are the shows that Oprah is directly involved in.  I can’t imagine her being on every show that comes on her network to increase the ratings, can you?  Things have gotten so bad that in February this year, she tweeted to fans to please watch the OWN network.  Now, that’s just sad.
  4. Own has failed to do better than the Discovery Health Network that it replaced.  According to usatoday.com, the OWN network has soaked up over $300 million in investment funds by Discovery communications and most of its shows have severely disappointed viewers.
  5. Oprah has fired two of her top executives.  Oprah has fired Christina Norman Fired as Chief of Oprah Winfrey's OWN, Lisa Erspamer, Executive Vice President of production and development.  This is a direct reflection of their inability to bring the OWN network better program and improve ratings.

Having said all of that, I am still rooting for Lady “O” to pull this off and make the OWN network a success.  Her "Oprah's Life Class" was truly very inspiring.  Everything that she has touched in the past usually turns to gold.  Maybe the OWN network can do the same.  Good Luck Oprah!!!  I’m still your biggest fan.