Every four years we go through the same song and dance. One of our two choices has promised us what we've asked for. Ending endless wars, balancing the budget, stopping the revolving door between corporations and government, less taxes, education reform, immigration reform and on and on. Every four years, congress, the president and even our courts are failing us on these issues. It's a dog and pony act or as Governor Jesse Ventura says, "identical to pro wrestling". On camera and so enthusiastically displayed by our corporate owned, self-interest media, is the portrayal of the deepest of divides between the only two choices that we have. Wedge issues abound, gotcha politics, and a script that only hollywood or Vince McMahon could write. Off camera, these 'leaders' are off meandering like snakes within the same group of elites and corporate officials. It's a self-interest game of monopoly in which we all lose.

Think about what these guys (and women) run on. Let's just go back one presidency to George W. Bush. He ran on a non foreign interventionist policy and as a 'compassionate' conservative. What did we get? Well the total death toll is still up in the air. We're still heavily invested in both wars. Blowback is already happening. The economy was left in shambles. Fast forward to present. Barrack Obama ran on policies of less taxes, ending wars and torture, lessening the divide, stopping the revolving door of lobbyists and government officials. What have we gotten? More wars and torture, more taxes and an overall push towards a corporate form of socialism, more of a divide and much more of a revolving door! The same Bush haters that were the most vehement of being anti-war in their politics are silent now about the reality in Afghanistan. The mounting deaths and troop suicides. The drone attacks killing and maiming innocent civilians. They're even silent about the use of Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria. The same Obama haters that are screaming about the debt and too much government were silent when Bush spent us into oblivion during his administration. They were silent when the tax cuts for millionaires were not paid for. They were silent when the 'No Child Left Behind' law went into effect. They were silent with the biggest expansion of Medicare happened.  

Unless the general public really wakes up to what's going on, turns off their televisions, gets involved and shares true knowledge, we will be doomed to keep repeating what doesn't work. The Libertarian movement is alive and well and to me makes the most sense. There are a small number of people who truly stand with our government and the road we've been led down now going on a century. Our elected leaders are in that small group. Every Democrat and Republican that I meet all seem to be Libertarians at heart. Nobody wants these endless wars and foreign interventions. Nobody wants our civil liberties violated and trashed at every end. No one wants our country to be in so much debt with everything financed on the backs of our children. Believe it or not, the most liberal of people who I know, don't want people's rights to have guns, taken away. Most intelligent people want marijuana legalized and understand that it's no worse and probably a lot better than alcohol. No one is happy about 50,000 people killed in a drug war right on our border. Everyone wants legal immigration. No one wants to be taxed on their income when it really comes down to it. All things that the libertarian position fixes. I can't say that with 100% certainty but I can say that what we have now, does not and has not worked.

In conclusion, the two-party system isn't really a system at all. It's a sham that allows the system to operate the way it does, which is for itself and its buddies. There's a reason that Ron Paul was drawing 5,000 people at his events, mostly young. There's a reason the system became scared. Now that he's gone, the question should be: Who is the next Ron Paul to lead and continue the movement that he started?


The Left Right Paradigm In Action

Two Party Failed System
Credit: theeconomiccollapseblog.com