I was in a shop checking which laptop to get when I heard this lady speaking so loudly about how easier their lives had become after the invention of iPad. She confused me and I decided to check out more details about iPad instead of buying a laptop. Yes! I have gathered much information about why I should choose iPads over laptops and now I will be sharing it with you. Maybe you may change plans too.

Why to choose iPad over a laptop?

  • Size matters- you can easily carry an iPad anywhere..though laptops are durable but difficult to carry. The weight of an iPad is about six times lesser as compared to a laptop.
  • Too much robbery is taking place these days. I see that people who carry laptops can’t put these laptops inside their large bags (in case of women), but if these women carry iPads then definitely they won’t be easily robbed if they carry iPad in their large bags! It’s easy to carry iPad that way.
  • Too many features take people’s heart away- yes you just name it and you will find it in an iPad. This may not be the case with laptops
  • The battery of an iPad lasts for like ever!- everybody has to carry two chargers at work, college when they carry laptops. However the most appealing feature I believe is that in iPads I wouldn’t have to worry about battery. I am sure this would appeal you too, especially those who are too lazy to charge their laptops again and again would definitely rush to get an iPad.
  • There are like 200000 applications. It would take almost a year or even more for you to go through all of them

Some of the applications you would want to know

  • I work - works as a spreadsheet application
  • Evernote-tag pictures, videos, and save them
  • Webex-includes all about online presentation

There are other several applications you might find all of them online if you want to get in to detail. However I am sure if you were thinking like me to get a laptop then I have definitely confused you too. So how about you also start thinking of buying an iPad?