The revolutionary iPhone is certainly one of the best inventions of the decade. It has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. It has even led to some of the best innovations in the industry. Though the iPhone is used mostly by young people, this phone is also undeniably one great business tool. Here are the reasons why. 
1. Siri
Siri is the intelligent assistant built in the iPhone. She can perform tasks and do activities that are commanded by the user. Siri has been integrated with a lot of apps (Reminders, Calendar, etc) including a number of business apps. So, businesses could take advantage of the hands free operation. 
2. Emails
One of the most common activities of businesses is creating, sending and keeping emails. The iPhone's operating system, the iOS has an efficient method of sorting all the emails in its Mail app.
3. Notification Center, Calendar and Reminders
All the default apps and system functions on the iPhone work well together to help businessmen organize their day to day activities. The notification center along with the calendar, reminders and even notes work hand in hand to keep you organized and on top of your tasks. 
4. iCloud
The iCloud is definitely one of the major reasons why businesses should take advantage of the iPhone and the iOS mobile operating system that it comes with. The iCloud allows for most of the phone's operations to be backed up and synced all together in the cloud. That means the iPhone can sync seamlessy with all the other available devices that can also run iCloud. That should be a good setup for a business that desires to get connected and synced all the time.
5. VPN and SSL
The iPhone is one of the advanced phones that support VPN and SSL. Both these functions are well utilized by some businesses that take advantage of special connections to make their business run. 
6. The App Store
The iPhone also comes with the App Store, the home to all the brilliant apps on the iOS mobile operating system. These apps give the iPhone different special functions. There is an app for almost every function possible. In fact, there is even a dedicated category purely for Business apps.
7. Security
The iOS plus the iPhone equate to a very secure and well monitored system. Apple has managed to create a device that has smoothly combined both hardware and software. Businesses can take advantage of such engineering masterpiece. The secure environment is very ideal for day to day operations. Some businesses might have to utilize more advanced spy iPhone apps because their operations need to be much more secure. But, the default environment it gives is already enough for most small businesses out there. 
Overall, the iPhone is truly an amazing device that has proven its worth to a wide variety of users. It has not just appealed to the youth. But, more importantly it could be a great tool for business that business men and employers could take advantage of.