Why buy a Sunburst Mirror? Okay, you’ve decided to update the look of your home or office and need an elegant, happy “feel” to it. What type of furnishings would serve that purpose? How about the cheerful, stunning, but yet bold accent of a sunburst mirror?

But what is a sunburst  mirror? Simply a “sun-like” motif with spikes of rays emanating from a central convex mirror to create the illusion of sunny and bright perceptions. Nothing makes an incredible focal point in a room quite like a sunburst mirror.

You’ll fall in love with your sunburst mirror because every mirror is completely different. Some are embellished with 100 tiny mosaic mirrors, others are based on the Ballard design, and still others influenced by Isabella & Max and Shelley.

But whichever style you choose, the finishing touch of the sunburst mirrors seems to achieve have seemingly been around for centuries and their sphere of influence isn’t going away any time soon. These mirrors are also very versatile. They brighten up a dark room and add the cosmopolitan feel to one needing an escort into the 21st century.

Decorative mirrors contribute so much to your sense of style as they serve a dual purpose – they are fashionable but yet still functional. The Sunburst mirror is actually very useful in reflecting natural light while even creating an artificial one. The way this is achieved is by strategically hanging a sunburst mirror before a glass door or window, thus inviting the outdoors into your home. To embellish the natural light, you can place it close to a lamp or other light fixture to enhance the artificial light you generally have there.

Plus the sunburst mirror can go anywhere in a home or office and there exists quite a buying selection to choose from – both online and offline. With these beautiful reflective surfaces around your living space you can make sure both you and your home look great. After all, the classy well-placed mirror can reflect a little personality, change a view, and open up a room.

So, whether hiring professionals or trying your own hand at home/office interior decorating, take pride in finding just the right touches with the right ambiance you’re creating for this living or commercial space. And don’t forget to add the upbeat sunburst mirror to any wall in the area for a positive boost every time you look its way, that perfect "something" to finish off your look.



The mirror design consists of a disk in the center and a host of radiating spokes all around the center disk. The spokes can all be of the same length or be interchangeably long and short – the permutations are endless, limited only by the creativity of the one making the design. They can be worked out to look like an antique piece or project a very avant garde, modern look. The radiating spokes can be made from metal or wood as these materials can withstand being whittled into very thin spikes for whatever effect may be desired. Most of the time, there is a more delicate appearance given when the spikes are thin and the more expensive the piece overall. The rest of the décor in the room where it will hang can dictate the character of the mirror itself. The “sun” at the center of the sunburst mirror can be a round piece of plate glass, a burnished copper disk or any other material that can bring the sun indoors.

When the material used for the center is a reflecting flat plate glass, it is usually bevelled on the outer edges of the rim to add to its classic sparkle. Sometimes, the mirror used in the center is of a convex design for it to even more closely resemble the sun and achieve the ambiance that interior designers would like to replicate in a room or area where they will put the piece. One of the more popular places to hang such a decorator piece is in the den of the house, especially when it is custom-designed to blend in with the rest of the furnishings in the room. By itself, it can serve as the focal point in the room and pull together the overall designer effect. A sunburst mirror can also become a very good item to jump start a conversation as friends gather around in front of the fireplace with the mirror hanging above it for a round of drinks and light hearted conversation.

The sunburst mirrors which were very popular in the 1950s are again becoming a favourite decorator piece among many designers because of its ability bring drama into a room, provide that degree of awe in what would otherwise be a blah room. The piece traces its roots to the court of a French monarch, King Louis XIV; a patron of the arts who acts out the role of the sun in a play and had so much fun doing it that he chose the sun to become his symbol in all its flamboyance.


The iconic decorative accent is available in a wide range of styles and even wider range of prices. For a fact, you can find them at auctions, second-hand stores and common yard sales. Simply spray or hand paint your masterpiece and you have an elegant creation all your own for under $10.

On the other hand, online distributor stores abound for sunburst mirrors and their cost usually begins around $20 on up into the thousands of dollars depending on what type of finish and framing you are looking for. Sites like lampsplus.com, potterybarn.com, touchofclass.com, overstock.com and uniquemirrorsonline.com are just a sampling of the hundreds of stores available.

And offline you could probably search around at Target or Sears or a similar department store for a mid-priced sunburst mirror for around $30-$50. Once again, style matters. For instance, uniquemirrorsonline.com features a Sheridan Round Flat Piled Clear Mirror Round Sunburst Wall Mirror for $1,040 because of its unique 3-D mosaic of glass bars. Too much?

Well, there’s the Sunburst Round Antique Silver Mirror for $619 and the Gabriel Mirror with Embossed Antique Pewter for only $317. So obviously size is a factor in price as well as pewter, gold or silver embossing finishes.

So however humble or ornate your home, you can find something special in sunburst mirrors with their diverse costs. You’ll be proud you took up the challenge of home decorating and got such beautiful results.