There are many cars you can buy from a compact, sedan, luxury and sport category.  From the 80's to the 90's to the 2000's we saw the shift from the bigger SUV and full size vans to mini vans and smaller compact, fuel-efficient cars.

Prospective car owners look at costs as well as maintenance and repairs.  There is just no way to get around this unless you ride public transportation, and for many this just is not realistic. What is the your preference when shopping for a car?  Do you prefer a new or used car? If your preference  is a used car, an older Mercedes-Benz from the 90's could be the right car.

Although many people prefer Toyota's and Honda's due to their recognized reliability and durability. An older Mercedes-Benz diesel (like a 1996 model), you are able to have reliability and durability as well as style and comfort.  These models were german hand crafted with  superior attention to detail and quality. 

Due to this superb craftmanship older Mercedes Benz's  afford its driver an amazing driving experience, stylish design, comfort, and reliability.  There is a prevalent misconception that Mercedes Benz's are unreliable and consistently break down. Another deterrent to some buying Mercedes is because of the belief that the parts are much more expensive than domestic or other foreign cars.

The truth is that Mercedes parts are not that much more expensive and that many of these parts are found in junk yards and other places online.  Although it does help somewhat if you're a car person who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty,  you can save a modest amount of money in mechanic labor bills.

Speaking with many Mercedes-Benz owners who have previously owned Toyota's and Honda's, say there is not a significant difference between these cars and Mercedes-Benz's when it comes to reliability and durability.Due to this, there is such a loyal following of Mercedes-Benz owners.

To re summarize what the main reasons are why the Mercedes is a potential used car option:

1. They are durable, driving much past 100,000 miles plus.

2. They are quite reliable and very durable.

3. They are very comfortable and stylish to drive.

It surely is a very long and difficult road to decide on your next used vehicle. You can put an old Mercedes on your list of possibilities to cut down on time and stress. You might just find the car you have looked for .






1997 Mercedes E300 TD

Credit: exchangeand