Why To Choose An Air Performance Intake

When the time comes to modify a car, the air performance intake and exhaust systems are one of the first things that people think about doing. Moreover, the former is significantly less expensive than the latter, so this article will be talking about it. There are a ton of reasons that people choose to upgrade their factory system to an air performance intake system; the most popular and effective reasons will be listed and described throughout this article. In addition, there are so many brands to choose from, and a selection of literally hundreds of models when it comes to purchasing an air performance intake system; however, this article lists and describes the best brands and models within this product class. Use this information effectively and properly to make an educated decision, and ultimately purchase the product that will leave you with satisfaction for as long as you have your car!

An Air Performance Intake Provides Fuel Economy

The amount of fuel that your car uses to operate is largely based on a few factors; moreover, the amount and quality of oxygen that enters into the engine block plays a large role in how much fuel it uses. An air performance intake is designed in a way that will allow you to get a much better fuel economy than you would have with a stock piece because it uses less oxygen to do the job that it is doing. In addition to the smaller amount of oxygen that it uses, the oxygen that it does use is much cleaner due to the better filters that it utilizes. This is one of the most beneficial and practical uses of the installation of this part.

An Air Performance Intake Provides Throttle Response

A lot more goes on when you push down on the gas pedal than you may know about; all of these functions that happen behind the scenes take some time to occur. This time that is present between when you push the gas pedal, and when the engine responds can be considered as the throttle response time. What is good about installing an air performance intake is that it decreases this amount of time significantly, which allows for better overall performance of the vehicle. Throttle response plays a significant role in your car's performance; installing one of these aftermarket parts will definitely increase the its overall performance.

An Air Performance Intake Provides Improved Engine Sound

One of the main reasons that people choose to purchase and install an aftermarket air performance intake is for the louder, and more aggressive sound that it produces from the engine. This louder noise occurs for a variety of reasons; however, the main reasons are that the aftermarket part will suck in much more air than the original, will have a design that promotes the aggressive sound, and will allow the oxygen to travel through the filter to produce this sound. Whether this is the only reason that you will be installing one or one of the many, you will definitely experience an increased volume and quality of sound when you install an air performance intake.

An Air Performance Intake Provides Horsepower Gain

The amount of horsepower that your car produces largely depends on a variety of factors; moreover, one of the main factors is the parts that are installed on your engine. Whether it is the intake or exhaust, the air flow system plays a significant role in the amount of horsepower that your car is producing. You are increasing the amount, and quality of air that your engine is inhaling when you upgrade to an air performance intake from a part that was installed from the factory. This means that the air flow system will be greatly enhanced, and the horsepower that your engine produces will increase substantially.

An Air Performance Intake Provides Improved Oxygen Filtration

The quality of the oxygen that makes its way to your engine through the air performance intake plays a large role in the amount of horsepower that it produces, the throttle response time, and the overall life of the engine. Since the installation of an air performance intake provides a much better quality of oxygen to the engine, there are a ton of benefits that are associated with this small fact. The sad fact of the matter is that this is the most genuinely overlooked benefit of installing one of these products. However, this article is geared towards providing the reader with the most beneficial, and factual information about these products, which is why after reading this paragraph you will quickly realize that the improved air quality is one of the best benefits!

The decision to purchase an air performance intake system may be a big one regarding the price that you will be paying, and the installation that you will be doing. However, being well aware of the most effective reasons for doing so, as well as the most reputable brands and models will definitely make this decision a whole lot easier, and more effective. This article does a phenomenal job at listing and describing the most popular reasons to purchase and install an air performance intake system, as well as the most popular brands and models within the product line. Use this information properly to make an educated decision, and ultimately make a purchase that you will be ecstatic with!