Why To Choose Dryflow AEM Air Intakes

When a person has even the slightest desire to modify their car, whether it is the body or the engine of the car, they will be faced with the challenge of having to decide between a ton of brands and models. Dryflow AEM air intakes play a large role in the industry that surrounds the modifications of a car's engine parts; however, many people are unaware of the reasons why this is. Through the years, Dryflow AEM air intakes have been continually improved, and they are now one of the best modifications that an individual can do to their engine. This article lists and describes the reasons to choose Dryflow AEM air intakes over any other series of parts that are available for purchase; use them effectively, and you will surely make a purchase and installation that will allow you to be satisfied for years to come!

Dryflow AEM Air Intakes Use Oil-Free Filtration

One of the ways that many brands choose to run their filtration systems is through the use of oil to remove the toxins from the oxygen before they enter the engine; however, this can cause some of that oil to enter the engine, and ultimately bring harm upon the delicate components. AEM air intakes brilliantly use an oil-free filtration system that allows the same clean air to enter the engine; however, there is no risk of the oil making its way into the engine block! This is one of the main reasons that people make the choice to purchase one of the models by this brand.

Dryflow AEM Air Intakes Are Easy To Clean

If you take a look at the stock filter that is found in your airbox after only 6 months, you will easily be able to see that it is relatively filthy, and should be replaced soon. However, the use of Dryflow AEM air intakes entirely eliminates the need to replace these filters, and allows them to be cleaned instead. This means that you will actually save money in the long run! If an AEM model costs around $50, and a replacement factory filter costs around $10; you will have paid the former off in 2 and a half years if you choose to replace the filter every 6 months!

Dryflow AEM Air Intakes Do Not Void Your Warranty

Some car manufacturers will void the warranty on your vehicle if you decide to replace the entire factory airbox with a cold air or short ram aftermarket model; however, Dryflow AEM air intakes do not void the warranty that came with your vehicle. This is simply because you are not actually replacing any of the hardware under your hood, but rather exchanging an underperforming and removable filter for one that will produce a more aggressive sound, and unlock some concealed horsepower!

Dryflow AEM Air Intakes Shed Dirt Under Vibration

One of the biggest problems with the filters that come from the factory with your car is that they have a tendency to retain a lot of the dirt that they suck up. Although this retained dirt will not harm your engine components, it is definitely not beneficial to have around. One of the most beneficial features of Dryflow AEM air intakes is that they shed almost 100 percent of the dirt that makes its way onto their surface through the vibrations of your engine! The more that you drive, the more dirt will make its way onto your filter; however, the more that you drive, the more vibrations will be caused, which will ultimately shed the dirt that has made its way onto the filter.

Dryflow AEM Air Intakes Use Universal Clamp On Filters.

The ease of installation is one of the main selling points when it comes to Dryflow AEM air intakes; moreover, the use of universal clamp on filters is one of the main ways that they have achieved this ease of installation. There is no exaggeration when the statement of the ability to install any of their models in less than 10 minutes. Even the most inexperienced individual when it comes to engine component installations will have absolutely no problem going through with this installation properly.

There are a ton of reasons that you should choose Dryflow AEM air intakes to purchase and install on your car's engine; however, not all of these reasons can be deemed as important and necessary. This article does a great job at listing and describing the most popular and effective reasons that you should choose Dryflow AEM air intakes; use this information effectively, and you will surely make a purchase that will allow you to be satisfied for the longest period of time.