I know that it is a big deal for most of the men around when they start losing hair, and start to show their scalp. Hair thinning scissors though aren't the solution for this issue but for the complete opposite. Too thick hair can also cause issues for men and women, because the once the hair is too thick it is hard to style it. Also some hair styles require layers that are thinner than others and this requires heavy use of shears like this.

Normally hair thinning scissors are heavily used in young men who have a quality of hair that doesn't easily bend even with heavy use of hair products. These men can use handfuls of gel and hair glue and not have the desired outcome with their hair. Using thinning shears on the top part of the head can help with this.

The Anatomy Of Thinning ShearsHair Thinning Scissors

I am assuming that you already have a good idea on how shears look like and how they function. There are two blades that are attached to each other with a screw from the near end part of the blades. Then there is a handle in each of these blades that allows proper positioning for the fingers. This creates a form that resembles the letter X. When the end that has the handles are pushed together, the blades glide together nearly touching each other. Any hair that is stuck between them is snipped.

Hair thinning scissors work a little differently, and as oppose of having two straight blades, both of the blades have teeth in them. The thinning power of the scissors depends on how many teeth they have - the fewer the teeth the more hair the scissors will remove when used.