Why Trade Your Traditional Makeup with Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup includes a variety of cosmetic products which come in powdered form. It can be used as a foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick and the like. Some of the most popular companies that produce a line of mineral makeup include Bare Escentuals and Bare Mineral. These companies have been vigorous in promoting their line of mineral cosmetics through TV ads and shopping channels. Consumers can also avail of mineral makeup through makeup retail stores like Sephora. Inspired by the success of these companies, L'Oreal, a popular makeup brand, has also joined other cosmetic companies to release their own line of mineral makeup.

Getting to Know Mineral Makeup

Many women are enticed to use mineral makeup because of its all-natural ingredients. It doesn't utilize irritants such as dyes, perfumes, and other artificial materials. In the past, mineral makeup isn't as accessible as it is today. Cosmetics with all-natural ingredients were only available in specialized stores. Today, there's a variety of brands available, and their products can be bought from any makeup retail store, including superstores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Mineral makeup is usually sold in loose form. It sets a new trend by providing women with less made-up look through its powdered foundation. Many women prefer this style over powdered blushes and eye shadows of traditional makeup. Mineral makeup such as the foundation, blush, and highlighter is applied to the face with a brush. If you want to shift to mineral makeup, these are the basic items you should keep stashed in your vanity kit.

The Allure of Mineral Makeup

Cosmetic companies that sell mineral makeup employ an assortment of marketing schemes to introduce their products to consumers. The most popular strategy includes claiming their products only contain natural ingredients and therefore beneficial to the skin. Supposedly, mineral makeup does not clog pores and it provides protection against the sun. Since mineral makeup formulation disallows the use of preservatives, companies claim that it cannot cause or worsen acne and allergic condition.

Brands of Mineral Makeup

Companies like Bare Escentuals, Jane Iredale, GloMineral, and Youngblood pioneered the mineral makeup revolution. Since the beginning, these companies have stayed true to their purpose and sell only mineral cosmetics. Because mineral makeup was able to attract a large number of followers, other brands didn't waste time in developing their own version of mineral makeup. Household names such as Clinique, Guerlain, and Lancome have been busy developing and promoting their own line of mineral products as well. Other niche brands such as Urban Decay, Tarte, Laura Mercier, and Philosophy have also caught onto the trend. All these companies have capitalized on the "go green" fever, and this marketing strategy is even more visible in the brand called PlantLove. Tarte cosmetics also released the "Be Good To Your Mother Earth" starter kit, which represents their devotion to natural ingredients provided by nature.

Advantages of Mineral Makeup

Aside from being trendy, mineral makeup is more popular for its various benefits. Regular consumers and beauty experts alike have gushed about them. Some of the benefits include:

  1. It is light on the skin. Mineral makeup is created by powdering fine minerals that feels smooth on the skin. Along with the natural ingredients, it also has an added sheer to reveal a radiant and glowing skin after application. Zinc oxide, mica, and titanium oxide are some of the ingredients found in most mineral makeup.

  1. It is pure. This means, it only uses natural ingredients and it doesn't contain traces of toxic chemicals. Regular cosmetics use chemicals in their formulation which can irritate the skin. Most dermatologists recommend mineral makeup to their patients who have ultra sensitive skin. Since mineral makeup do not contain allergens, it is safe to use for all types of skin.

  1. It doesn't clog the pores. Mineral makeup has a fine characteristic that allows your skin to breathe. Although some people claim that you can sleep with your mineral makeup on, beauty experts advised against it since sleeping with makeup, regardless of its type, is bad for your skin. To keep your skin healthy, wash your face and put on some moisturizer before sleeping.

  1. It lasts longer. Because the minerals are crushed, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and it stays on your face for a long time. Unlike traditional makeup, it doesn't appear crusty after several hours of wearing it.

  1. It is affordable. People think that anything organic comes with a steep price. On the contrary, there are plenty of mineral makeup brands that are easy on the pocket. Compared to other high-end traditional makeup brands, you can enjoy the benefits of mineral makeup at a reasonable price.

Shopping for Mineral Makeup

One thing to keep in mind when buying a certain brand of mineral makeup is that just because the label says so doesn't mean it is an authentic mineral product. It pays to do your research by reading about articles and reviews about different brands. You want to avoid paying for a product that does not live up to its claim. Some brands that claim to be purely natural actually mix some forms of chemical in their formulations. You should look out for synthetic fillers that are lurking behind their packaging.

Knowing that mineral makeup can work with any skin type, it is still important to choose the kind of formulation that works for your skin best. Understand what truly makes for a mineral makeup and check out each ingredient thoroughly. Remember, just because it is a popular brand doesn't mean it is reliable. More importantly, don't be lured by the popularity of the brand. There a number of low-key mineral makeup brands that provide the same effect and color you desire. Quality doesn't always come with a high price and you can still enjoy the benefits of mineral makeup if you know where to find them and what to look for.

A Word of Warning

Mineral makeup enthusiasts should take note that some formulations may contain irritants like bismuth oxychloride. This ingredient is present in all types of makeup, but the mineral variety possesses a higher concentration of it. Bismuth oxychloride is known to irritate skin and cause allergies. Experts have advised to do a patch test first before trying out a specific brand. There are also fears that the small particles in mineral makeup can penetrate the lungs and may caused asthma and other related diseases after prolonged use.