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I’m currently employed at a company who has me on call on Mondays and Fridays. I’m used to be employed full-time with a good sense of what my schedule will be. It stresses me out somewhat because I can’t start on a long-term project without fearing an interruption. I also cannot tolerate being idle while I wait for the call to come in. This has led me to create a list of things I want to practice, study, or accomplish, which don’t take much time.


I love music in most forms and long to be incredibly versatile when it comes to playing or singing. I purchased a violin about a year ago. It gathered dust on top of my piano until I added it to my list. I went to my favorite teaching tool, Youtube and I’m starting to learn the proper way to hold the bow, how to fit the violin snugly beneath my chin, and how to stop the bow on the strings without the horrible scratchy sound.musicCredit: deposit photo

I can easily withdraw my violin from its case play a few exercises and have it back within thirty minutes. I then have a sense of accomplishment without feeling rushed or panicked if I get a call mid practice.

Sharpen skills

I never took a typing course while in school and my desire to write has suffered as a result. Right now, I type slowly and look at the keys often to remind myself where and what I want to type. This is a flaw I want to erase from my experience, so I can type with the best of them.

Luckily, the Internet Is flooded with all kinds of learning tools for typing. I can go to my selected website and practice a few lines and exercises for ten or fifteen minutes knowing that if a call to come into work occurs all I need to do is click the mouse and I’m ready to go.

House work

I live in a three bedroom and two bathroom house with my three cats. It’s a lot to take care of solo, but with my flexible schedule, I can start a minor project like selecting books or clothing which I no longer use and put them in a bag to donate, or giving each room a deep clean so everything stays fresh.

Honestly, housework is not my favorite activity, so I’m more than happy to get a call into work. All I have to do is close the door to the room, and the project will be waiting for me to return when I have another stretch of free time.


Not all of activities on my list are things I should do, some of them are things I want to do. I love to crochet and sew when I feel inspired. Last fall, my niece and I made hats to donate to the local community closet. I want to start crafting early this year, so I can have gifts for the holidays, some to donate, and some to wear myself.

Crafts are easy to interrupt and can wait until you have time to take them up again.

Take a hike

My city has plenty of parks and natural site to explore, all of which are close to where I work. I can pack a snack and take a writing pad to my local park where I may people watch and observe the spring antics of birds.BinocularsCredit: Deposit Photos

This is a very peaceful way to spend the morning and a simple task to part from if my boss requires me to come in to work.

Now that I have a list of positive things to keep my attention and use my time wisely, I feel better, and I’m productive in a useful way. What activities would you pursue if you were on call? Let me know in a comment.