Most cell phones that you purchase can only be used on the network of the company you bought the mobile phone from. This is really going to restrict you if you discover a cheaper deal on another cellular phone network. You must have an unlocked cell phone in order to change your SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) to another mobile phone provider's network. Either that or you will need to find someone that can unlock phones.

So, why unlock phones? Well, you not only have to unlock a phone if you want to use the services of another cell phone provider in your own country, it is also going to save you a lot of money in roaming charges if you can purchase a prepaid SIM card while you are visiting another country. Roaming charges for foreign countries can be really expensive so anything you can do to avoid paying these roaming charges is going to save you money. You will also save money by searching for different ways to unlock phones for free. There are plenty of services which are offered on the Internet at a price, some of these services offer software to unlock phones, while others will send you the code is once you have paid a fee.

The first thing you should do is to contact your own network. Once you have been a customer of the network for some time, usually around a year, they will be to send you the unlock code free of charge. This is the simplest method of unlocking phones. You can also go about unlocking your cell phone by downloading software which will generate a code that to you input into your cell phone. There are many different options for downloading cell phone unlocking software. Obviously, the best ones are going to be free. You need to know your IMEI number. You can find this by typing in*#06# to your cell phone. Follow the instructions that come with your unlocking phones software.

There is nothing wrong with unlocked phones and mobile phone unlocking is legal. The only problem is that some mobile phone manufacturers will void the warranty if you have unlocked the phone to use on another network. The network provider will want to keep you as a customer if at all possible, so just because you don't want to pay those roaming charges, and you are looking for methods of how to unlock phones, the cell phone company should do everything they can to help you. Another problem is that you can only unlock a phone which offers a GSM service. This is because you need to have a removable SIM card.

One way of checking whether your mobile phone is working in its unlocked state is to try another SIM card. If you do not get an error message then this means that the procedure has worked. Once you have your unlocked cell phone, you can now travel abroad, change your network as you wish, and take advantage of any deals that are on special offer. Unlocked phones will allow you to keep your current phone for much longer.