Article writing, although certainly not the only effective means to online website promotion, is still one of the most powerful tools to generate:

• Tremendous website traffic
• Get noticed by the search engines
• Build credibility with the readers
• Increase sales turn-over
• Ensure return visits
• Build back links from other websites
• Improve search engine ranking.

Article writing isn’t difficult at all, if you simply want to get content on your website. If the plan is, however, to promote a professional image and ensure all of the above, it is essential to have high quality articles on topics directly related to your website. Failing to do so, will simply mean that all the resources spent on article writing and marketing will be a waste.

Quality articles are required to ensure credibility. If you are unable to create original and well-written content on specific topics and incorporate a range of important keywords into the articles, rather opt for sponsored links and Social Media marketing tools to promote the website. The alternative is to outsource to a professional writer or online writing company.

Why Use Professional Article Writers?

For one, professional online article writers have the know-how regarding keyword enriched content generation. Writing for the online audience is a bit different from writing a features article to appear in a magazine. Unlike with off-line media where you have the freedom to start with an introductory paragraph and then lead up to the main topic with a conclusion following, with online writing you need to be concise from the word GO.

You will notice that this particular article started with the main message immediately. If you only saw the first sentence of the article you would immediately be able to tell that the article is specifically about the power of article writing for website promotion. Online article writing is done with the most important information stated first followed by an explanation of the information.

Ending an online article on the right note is also important because you want the main keyword phrase to appear in the last paragraph as well. The article must include certain elements such as a call to action if it is written with a sales pitch. Every three content articles must be accompanied with one sales pitch driven article because you want to create the right balance of giving and taking. You give information, but you also need to promote.

Why Not Just Write Marketing Driven Articles?

Marketing driven articles are important for sales increase, but if a reader stumbles upon one of your articles, navigates to a next, and another just to find that all the articles at your site are simply rewrites of the same marketing message over and over, the reader will not return. Yes, the reader may purchase the product, but you also want the reader to return and not just buy once off. As such a fine balance must be created by means of article writing to ensure that a website contains:

• Powerful landing pages
• Sales letters
• Promotional articles
• Valuable information

A professional online writer or writing company can help to ensure that the right combination of articles are used, targeting your specific audience. Such a writer will be able to adapt the writing style according to the medium and audience. The articles will not be stuffed with keywords and repetitive information, but will consistently be original and useful to the reader while also getting your site return visits, excellent search engine visibility, sales returns, and credibility.

If You Pay Peanuts Expect Poor Quality

Note that although there are brilliant writers out there, writing for next to nothing, they are normally only doing so because they are on their way up and are building a profile. Most writers willing to write for peanuts, lack experience, are not native English speakers, and are not willing to put in research time. Considering the time it takes to research a specific topic, you can hardly blame a writer who doesn’t put effort into it if the pay is less than desirable. You want article writers that can churn out above average content and are willing to go the extra mile ensuring superior quality information. Such writers cost more, but the returns are worth it.

If you have a website and want to ensure:

• Consistent top search engine rankings
• Value for the readers
• Return visits
• To build credibility as an expert on a topic
• Error free content
• High sales returns
...make use professional online article writing services to get the job done.