For your next home project or landscaping job you might be interested in taking a little extra time to beautify your patio or walkway with decorative concrete. What you may not realize however is that even if you are doing the job yourself you can effectively and easily achieve a luxury feel to your surface by opting to go with decorative concrete paving slabs rather than simple laying concrete, stamping or staining. Decorative paving slabs are actually meant to mimic stamping but in an even more embellished way.

Working With Concrete

Decorative Paving Stones On The DrivewayMany of the DIY home repair handymen of the world probably have a fair bit or at least a little experience with working with concrete at home or on job sites. Many do-it-yourselfers probably have either done or have considered applying concrete acid stain to beautify a surface, have tried resurfacing, or have even built concrete framing and curbing molds.

If however laying concrete for beauty is your main goal you may find that a simple stain or stamp job on your slab is not fancy enough. In these cases decorative paving slabs can be just the ticket.

Concrete Paving Slabs

Textured Concrete Paving SlabPaving slabs are essentially decorative brick tiles that can be layed on your surface in place of pouring concrete wet and curing it. Much like building a concrete retaining wall or laying tile in a bathroom or kitchen you simply place the concrete paving slabs in a pattern that favorable to your design tastes.

The reason you may find that using decorative slabs over pouring concrete and stamping it is that the pavers are typically more ornate and fancy than you could feasibly create on your own using a stamp and tamper. Because the paving slabs come as blocks they are easy to lay and design and they can easily be interchanged with different patterns for more complicated designs.

Decorative Paving Versus Stamping

Decorative Concrete Stamped DrivewayTypically concrete stamping requires a full slab of poured concrete such as a driveway or walkway and a team of workers moving stamps and tampers around the surface stamping patterns into the surface. Often these stamps are made to look like tiles but of course they are not.

Laying paving slabs instead will offer true seams between tiles and a more ornate and potentially deep pattern as the patterns are crafted before the tiles ever reach your home.

Why should you use decorative pavers? Because concrete slabs can be more stylish than typical decorative stamping. The designs are more varied and easier to work with, and designing your surface is an easier process using pre-stamped slab tiles.

When you finally sit down to work on your backyard landscaping project that you've been putting off for years give some thought into using concrete paving slabs rather than traditional means. In some cases a home improvement loan may help pay for the project in other cases obtaining a home loan refinance can free up the needed funds to take on a project of this magnitude.