Getting Help From Persuasive Essay Examples

Using persuasive essay examples can help better prepare you to write your own successful essay. There are three main points that good examples should show you, how important the thesis statement is, how to transition between your paragraphs, and how to write a good conclusion paragraph.

There are three things that need to be included in your introduction paragraph. State the specific topic of your essay, this is usually considered to be your thesis statement. State what facts about your topic will be discussed in your essay. And suggest the direction that your essay will follow.

Sample Introduction
    More people die in a year traveling on Greek roads than the total number of US soldiers that were killed in Iraq since the fighting began. In this essay I will describe the various conditions of the roads, and the reasons behind the unnecessary and definitely avoidable deaths.

Your body paragraphs should directly relate back to the thesis statement, and should include facts and information specific to the topic. There are usually 3 body paragraphs contained in a persuasive essay, and each one it used to discuss a specific point about the topic. Make sure you use good transitions to move between paragraphs. If you don’t use good transitions, the reader may get lost and lose interest in your essay.

Sample Body Paragraph
    The number of deaths that occur each year is astounding. In a country that is the approximate land size of Massachusetts and the population of Mississippi, Greece has four times as many deaths caused by road conditions per year as the two aforementioned states.

The conclusion paragraph of your essay you should restate but not copy your thesis statement from the introduction paragraph. This paragraph should sum up all of the information that you have provided in the essay, and should end with a broad statement about the topic. You do not want to write about a new point on the topic in the conclusion. All of that information should be included in the body paragraphs. Only use the conclusion paragraph to bring the essay to a close.

Sample Conclusion Paragraph
    Being so many people are killed on Greek roads every year, the government should really put more time and effort into finding out the problems and fixing them. Almost all of the unnecessary deaths that occur on their roads can be prevented, if the road conditions are improved. It is worth the time and effort to fix these problems and to save the lives of many people.

The use of persuasive essay examples is a good way to prepare to write a successful essay. A good way to see if you have written a good essay it to compare your essay to a variety of persuasive essay samples, you will be able to see if you have described your topic well and made smooth transitions between paragraphs.