In Today’s World it is vital for websites and blogs to use video marketing. If you are not using video marketing then you are hurting yourself. Many people claim to be search engine optimization experts yet they fail to use video to drive traffic. Here are some tips on using Video Marketing so you can get more traffic and sales to your blog.

Easier to Rank

It is easier to rank a video at the top of the Google search results page (SERP) then it is to rank an article on your blog. Even for competitive terms you can find that your video will often rank above highly optimized web content from your competitors who are not utilizing videos to help build traffic. If you want to rank content high in the SERP’s then you need to use video marketing. You can use a flash movie maker and easily build lot videos that can rank high in the SERPs.

Fast PR

If you thrive on seeing high Google Page Rank then you will love video marketing. You can get a video on YouTube to PR1, PR2, and PR3 with no work. You do not have to work to build backlinks to the video and they naturally will get higher PR faster than other types of content such as blog posts.  

Make More Money

If you want to make more money with your articles then you can use automated article to video software. You write an article, publish it on a website such as InfoBarrel, and then have the article instantly turned into a video. You can place the video on YouTube and earn additional Adsense off of it. Anybody with an Adsense account can now monetize their YouTube videos. You no longer have to be a YouTube Partner to take advantage of monetizing your YouTube Videos.

More Traffic

You write an article and publish it on your blog or here in InfoBarrel and then you have the article automatically turned into a video that reads your article and then you take that video and upload it to YouTube. On the description you can place a link back to your blog or InfoBarrel article and then get even more traffic to your websites. More traffic equals more money!