The default choice of many users is Hotmail or Google Gmail. Other users tend to use Yahoo Gmail. In this article, we explain why it is far better for users to consider using paid email services.

1. Loss of Privacy

Using a free service exposes you to a potential loss of privacy. It is known that services such as Gmail routinely scan user emails to obtain data on the individual’s interests. This data is then used to determine the type of advertisements that is displayed to the user.

2. Insufficient Security

Most free programs only provide basic encryption and low level security measures. This means that content may be easily intercepted by talented hackers as it is transmitted from the user’s computer to the host server.

Hackers also have a tendency to target common  programs such as Hotmail.

3. Insufficient Storage

Sometimes, free email programs place a cap on storage space allocated to each user. This means that there will be a  cap on the number of messages that may be stored in the account. Such a situation may be problematic if one is a heavy user of email or if attachments are frequently received.

Why use Paid Email Programs?

There are numerous advantages to using paid programs. Most paid programs offer a high level of security and encryption. Some of them even encrypt content at multiple levels and use advanced security protocols.

In addition, paid email programs may offer a range of features not available in standard email clients. A major email company hosts its servers in Switzerland, a territory known for its emphasis on data protection. Other email companies offer live technical support or a friendly user interface. This means that should you encounter any problems using the service, you can be sure that someone will be on hand to assist you.

Fees for paid services usually vary from USD 30 as much as USD 300 a year. Users should consider their needs before subscribing to a paid service package.