Vegan protein powder or vegan meal replacements can be very costly, but you can gain the health benefit and save money by making some simple changes to the way you approach homemade protein shakes.

If you take a vegan protein breakfast shake every morning you are already making a useful change that takes a minute or two but can improve your health and wellness dramatically. Ideally, you want to be giving yourself a stiff shot of protein to the effect of 30g every morning, along with fibre and vitamins.

This mix will also help you cut down on your daily coffee consumption since the protein will boost your energy and help with mental clarity, while the fibre will help in other department that people use coffee for. Not only will a vegan protein smoothie pick you up, it won’t let you down. As long as you can get past the initial caffeine withdrawal symptoms, you should find that you enjoy the effects of a morning protein powder shake much more than a five shot espresso.  You can still add some green tea in the morning or afternoon for a bit of healthier caffeine, if you like and still maintain the “gold standard” of smoothie wellness.

Designing the Best Protein Shakes

The best protein shakes should not be pure dairy-free protein powder or vegan meal replacement powder. That will not only make your morning shakes expensive, but also make you miss out on a great opportunity to provide you body with raw produce full of live enzymes and vitamins. Many of us don’t eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables, and those that we do are boiled, baked, or otherwise heated and drained of enzymatic activity and vitamin content.

Why not take advantage of these homemade protein shakes that are already part of your healthier lifestyle and add carrots, apple, blueberries, coconut milk and/ or spinach in any combination. You will make the morning shake experience much more exciting and even better for you. Easy additions such as lentils or peanut butter will blend really well and offer another way to boost the protein content of your morning vegan protein shakes. If you prefer having them in the afternoon or the evening, think of all the other ancient grains or vegetables that might not be suited to a morning protein powder smoothie but would be a super healthy treat in the evening.