Whether or not your kids want to admit it, video games are destroying them!  It may not seem like it at first, but at least I would say, that to many video games will lead our kids to more adult problems than anything else.  There are numerous studies done and almost all lead to the conclusion that there is little to no benefit of playing video games but a lot of harm can be done.  Here’s a few of the more common reasons video games are slowly destroying our kids.

 Weight Problems - Think about it.  Your child, instead of running around outside, playing sports, or even taking a bike ride, prefers to sit for hours in front of a gaming device and do no physical activity whatsoever.  That is unhealthy!  We have an increasing weight problem here in the United States, and we really don’t need to be adding to it.  Some people will argue that there are games such as the Wii Fit, etc., but how many people buy a Wii specifically to use Wii Fit?  Also, how many people will spend more time using Wii Fit than playing traditional video games?

Antisocial Behavior - Remember the good old days when we used to actually call a friend or even drop by their house, just to say, “Hello?”  Those days never will exist for our kids because they are so “busy” playing their video games.  Once again, people will say that there are other ways of communicating with people besides phone or face-to-face, but personally I don’t think the quality of socialization through in game chat is anywhere near that of a face-to-face discussion.

Violence Issues - This is the most debated about symptom of video game addiction.  Our kids are playing so many shoot ‘em up video games that they soon become so used to it they consider death to by funny!  Even when watching a movie with teenagers, when someone dies, it seems to be more of a laughing matter than a sad moment in the film.  Yes, it is a movie but still, who knows at what point it will stop.  There are also studies out there that state that there is a connection between playing a lot of video games and committing violent acts.

  Overall, video games are bad for our kids.  They are being hurt not only physically by giving them heath problems, but also mentally and emotionally too!  There are more than just three reasons too, just do a quick search on the internet and you’ll find dozens more!  If we want to make sure that the next generation is ready to inherit our planet, we need to make sure we limit video games, as they are only hurting our kids, and what parent wants that?  We will probably never be able to completely stop video games, and that isn’t necessary.  What is necessary though, is that we take steps to limit time spent playing video games and encourage other somewhat educational activities for our kids to enjoy!