VigLink is  a new affiliate program that offers you the potential to harness the affiliate marketing power of hundreds of affiliates at the same time VigLink is so simple to use that anyone can use the program without any real affiliate marketing experience. VigLink allows you to put simple text links inside any article and promote any product with ease. The program  can even do this for you and monetize any article you have on a website or blog. Learn how VigLink can benefit you and bring you more affiliate income in less time with much less effort in this article.

Before Applying for VigLink

You'll need to open up a PayPal account to use VigLink and the fact that they only offer PayPal as a current payment option might not work for all website or blog owners. For current PayPal users this affiliate marketing solution is an attractive option due to the fact that you can use so many different affiliates all at the same time. Most of the affiliates under the VigLink program are well known such as Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and other brand name companies.

Ease of Use

One thing that makes VigLink so good for affiliate marketers is its ease of use. With regular affiliates you often need to know complicated code or at least how to get that code into your blog or website in one piece. If you make even a simple mistake the affiliate code won't work and you won't make sales on your links. With VigLink all the guess work and headaches with traditional affiliate code is taken out and all you need to do is create a regular text link to any website page you want. So for example, if you want to sell book on your site, simply make a text link to the book you want to sell and VigLink takes care of the rest. This makes it easy to set up a large number of links on your pages without much work. You can even have Viglink do this automatically on your site. The system will pick up product names and brand names from your pages and create links for you. In general you can get more use out of the program if you control your own links.

Natural Looking Webpage

Think of all the sites you have visited that use affiliate marketing. Many of these sites are so stuffed with banners and advertising it's no wonder they don't make any affiliate sales. With the simple text links of VigLink, this problem takes care of itself and you have a very natural looking webpage with links that matter to your site or blog users.You can add in your text links with nay article or other site content and have it fit with your website. You can even use dozens of affiliates but still have a natural looking webpage. You don't bombard your site visitors with advertising but instead give them useful content and links that help inform them about products instead of creating an annoyance. Your site won't look like the spam filled webpages of regular affiliates with VigLink text links.

Multiple Affiliates Available

VigLink is unique in that you don't need to sign up for each affiliate and wait to be approved. With traditional affiliate marketing you need approval with each advertiser which can take time and eat into your revenue stream. With VigLink simply apply and you have instant access to hundreds of brand name affiliates and their products without any work on your part with cumbersome sign ups and wait times for approval. This program offers an enormous potential for website and blog owners that hasn't existed before. VigLink saves you time and lets you make more sales with less work.

Tracking System

With VigLink you can track which links have views and which of your products are performing the best. You can also see which of your merchants are bringing in the most sales. While the statistics system of VigLink isn't perfect, it gives you some good general information which can help you with a marketing campaign. Use the program to easily enter in any website merchant URL into the system and see if they are a part of the VigLink database yet. The program covers so many merchants that you will find products in all sorts of niches for any website of blog that wants to apply them.

A Perfect Affiliate Marketing Solution

VigLink is well worth trying out if you own a website or blog. The ease of use of this program is amazing and in no time you'll be seeling products without much work at all. The downside is that you must have a PayPal account. For people who have had trouble with PayPal this program won't be an option for you. It would be nice to see VigLink offer some other forms of payment because one payment option is quite limiting for certain affiliates. VigLink is still worth your effort due to its ease of use and the tremendous amount of affiliates you can easily use on your website or blog.