make up

Although most women do not need waterproof make up everyday, there are several occasions when this is necessary. Runny makeup is always a problem with some women. Other ladies don't have this problem, somehow, they are lucky. However, most women need a kind of make up that will stay in place and won't smear or fade as long as they intend to wear the makeup. So many women find waterproof makeup quite handy for special events.

Waterproof make up is well worth the buy only if it you get the right type. One of the disadvantages of waterproof make up is the price. Some brands just don't live up to the expectations. If you really want a make up that can perform well for you, unfortunately you should spend a little extra money to purchase a good waterproof makeup brand. Another downside is the bit of difficulty in removing the stuff from your face, especially the mascara. However, if you are able to get through a tough day without fear that it will run or smudge or the need to reapply the make up, this is a good choice. This is also great when you need to attend important business meetings even late in the day and you still want to look fresh, or when you are out for most of the day and you will not have time to reapply.

One of the most popular uses of waterproof make up is during weddings. The last thing the bride will want to worry about is if the make up was still be in place until the end of the celebration. This allows a bride to breeze though the ceremony and the pictorials without worrying about her looks, and then to attend the reception without needing to spend some more minutes fixing it, or worse, even having to start over. A wedding is one of those days when cameras will be focused at you at any time. Waterproof make up can eliminate a lot of worry out of how you appear when you smile and pose.

Although most women do not prefer to talk about it, waterproof make up is necessary when going out on a date or heading to the city for a few drinks. There are many occasions when some overindulge, and when people get drunk, something else can always happen. Make up seems to vanish, or worse, transfer to other parts of the face where it was not originally applied. It's horrific to be talking to a gorgeous guy at the end of the night, only to find out that, once you head home and see your face in the mirror, you find that your mascara has dripped to the rest of your face.