Comparing yourself with others is not bad as it seems, a creative comparison is good for you and for your growth. But many people start criticizing themselves because they lack some personality or materialistic aspect in respect to other person. They unknowingly start a comparison loop within themselves which start everytime they get to know about some particular person's success. They just kept on brooding and don't do anything about it. They want to live in terms of money similar to what their friends are living. Some people start avoiding themselves from situation which isn't compatabile to them. Here are some tips which will help you to be yourself and help you to stop comparing.


Some Tips To Overcome Comparison



  1. Figure out what you truly want from your life.  Even you can ask why you want each item on your list. Is it something you really want or just for sake of it.

  2. You cannot let other's situation affect you. You have at least roof over your head, food to eat and you don't have struggle for a living like millions of other people.

  3. Just try to live for others and find happiness in their happiness. If you feel sad that your friends are accomplishing more than you then make a point to go and celebrate with them on their success. It might not come easy to you but make a sincere effort towards it and you will be successful.

  4. Discover your values and find out what makes you really happy. Learn to focus on yourself and the talents you have.  Take the time to focus on your goals and dream and start to build off that.

  5. There are a lot of people in this world who are financially set and have a lot of materialistic possessions. Are they really happy? A lot of them are not. So focus on yourself.

  6. You should connect yourself truly with others on basis of what they are, how they behave instead of their materialistic possession. You should feel grateful and thankful that they have good things in their life, even if your life is different 

  7. Accept whatever you are thinking about others but don't argue with your thoughts, just watch your thoughts and they will fade away themselves and then start focusing on your goals.

  8. Think like this that if certain thing is possible or achievable for a particular person on this earth then nobody can stop you from achieving it. Just put your sincere efforts and a never say die attitude and you will achieve greater heights in your life.


Hope you will follow the above points. Remember that there are many other things Important in this life than comparison. Stop comparing and start living today.