Drinking soda pop is something we know is not healthy for us yet we continue to do it. Why do we continue to drink soft drinks when we know it is bad for us? Here are some of the top reasons we do so:


A lot of us drink Soda pop simply because we are in the habit of doing it. When we get thirsty we automatically reach for a can of Coke in the fridge instead of a glass of orange juice or other more healthier beverage. We like other beverages, but we are simply in the habit of drinking soft drinks regularly. Until you can break this habit it will be like smoking, and you will continue to drink a lot cans or botles of  of soft drinks out of habit without even thinking about it.


Addiction to drinking a lot of soft drinks is very common. Some people may get addicted to the caffeine or the sugar rush, but others can get addicted to diet versions that is caffeine free. Addiction can occur with any product, but it seems like an all-time number of people in the United States are addicted to large quantities of soft drink. When you have to go without soda pop and you are addicted to it, then you may get headaches and overwhelming urges to kill a chicken with your bare hands. Seriously though, addiction to soft drinks can make people do some very weird things.


We are constantly bombarded by advertisements for different brands of soft drinks. At Christmas we see the cute polar bears and go out and by some Coca Cola. Drinking Coca Cola and other brands is of course ok. The problem occurs when we have it many times every day. Delicious soft drinks should be an occasional treat and not something we consume every day.

We see Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and other brands constantly being advertised and it can make it extremely hard to those people who are addicted to drinking soda pop.

Comfort Food

Just like meat loaf, soft drinks can be comfort food. In my family there is nothing like an ice cold can of Coca Cola on Christmas Eve. In your family you may prefer Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. To many of us we have a flavor of soda that is like comfort food for us. Now if I get the chance to have an ice Cold Can of Coca Cola and eat meatloaf, well that is just heavenly.


The number one reason we consume a lot of different types of 'pop' is because we love the flavor of it. If we had not grown up eating and drinking sugary foods then we might very well hate drinking all that sweet liquid. We live in a sugared society and we love the taste of high fructose corn syrup on our soft drinks. We also love the real cane sugar that used to be used in all the different brands, and it can still be found today with Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew throwback. Although we like real sugar, and say we want real sugar in our soft drinks, then the Americans still prefer the taste of high fructose corn syrup over ordinary sugar. We have been raised on this type of sweetener, and we now prefer it for its taste, and yes there is a difference in the taste.


Drinking sugar based drinks is very convenient for us as a society. Anywhere you go there is soft drinks that you easily can buy. We can put it in 2 liter jigs, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, and even buy a fountain machine and a bag of soda-pop syrup concentrate and then we can pump out our own home-produced-soda-pop in huge quantities just as the gas stations and restaurants do.


There is a perceived coolness factor where children would rather be seen by their peers drinking Coca Cola instead of milk. Many kids like milk but they want their friends to think they are cool, and if it is cooler to drink a bottle or can of soft drink than it is to drink milk, then some children will choose to be perceived as “cool” and drink the the "cool drink" rather than the healthy milk.

Fortunately the diet and exercise craze as well as good marketing from the milk industry is helping to change this. However, there are still more kids that actually prefer the taste of Coca Cola or Pepsi over milk. This is too bad because there are numerous other drinks people can be drinking that will be much more healthier for them.

Bad Guys?

Are the guys in the soft drink business really bad guys that are out to fatten people up and make our teeth rot? No these companies are not all bad. Sure they have done a few things that don’t make sense and are controversial like placing soda pop machines in schools to use but for the most part they are simply providing products that people desire and want. The same companies marketing soda pops have also been marketing and selling other types of drinks including bottled water, energy drinks, juices, and may other types of drinks. In reality the soda pop companies simply want to provide products that people will want to buy. Sure they will play with our emotions periodically such as the Coke Company and their Polar Bear commercials but for the most part we are grown people who make our own decisions about what we will and will not drink. It is up to us to help control the dietary intake of our youth so they do not grown up to be fat and overweight like we did.


Our society has gotten used to drinking carbonated beverages and many of us would drink carbonated coffee if it was available. We love little foamy bubbles when we open up our soda pop. Have you ever let a container of soda pop sit in the fridge too long and it went “flat”. You probably took one glass and then threw the rest of it out because it tasted like crap. We only want our soda pop to be carbonated. If they quit carbonating soda pop then we would quit buying it.