We do people fail to lose weight? Thousands of people make the decision to change their lives every day. They start diets, begin exercising, or make other changes in their lives to accommodate their new, healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, very few of them actually lose any significant amounts of weight, and even fewer of those manage to keep the weight off. Everyone is a little bit different, but there are a few universal factors that can keep people from reaching their goals.

Bad Habits
If you are significantly overweight or obese, odds are you have picked up more than a few bad habits that are contributing to your condition. Effective weight loss will require you to take control of these bad habits, break them, and replace them with healthy habits that contribute to your goals. Instead of turning to ice cream when you are upset, take a long walk or ride a bike. In many cases, coping with stress is a major contributor to weight gain. Try to find a healthy, active outlet for that stress, and things will become easier.

Losing weight is hard work. Anyone who tells you different is probably trying to sell you something. You will have to make changes to your eating habits, and some of those changes may be difficult. You will also have to get in a good deal of exercise, which must be vigorous if you are going to push your body hard enough to mold it into what you want. The work is hard, but you can't let yourself get frustrated by that. It will get easier in time.

The problem with a society where instant gratification is possible in most aspects of life is that we come to expect it in all things. Weight loss is one of those areas where, even though there are a number of things you can do to speed it along, it still takes a good bit of time to see significant results, and even longer for the major changes many people expect. The sad truth is that many people are promised instant success in their weight loss efforts, and give up before they have done anything for a long enough period of time to see results.

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why people fail in their weight loss goals, though they are among the most prevalent and most powerful. The main thing to keep in mind when you make any major lifestyle change, whether it be weight loss or anything else, is this: Change does not come fast, easy, or without significant effort. Stay focused and believe in yourself.