Peace in nature

Have you ever gone out into a forest or a secluded place in nature and felt such peace and vitality rise up in your being? There is a certain allure and drawing feeling that pulls each and every one of us towards the outdoors even if we are attached to technology and the things mankind has created. Find out more about this feeling and what it means for you.

Inner peace

Nature is soothing and brings us back to our roots when we didn't have iPads and smartphones all over the place. Up until the more recent years we have been a largely outdoor species as we haven't lived in advanced civilizations until the past few hundred years. Our heritage and culture has always involved the great outdoors and that inner peace wells up in us when we experience what our ancestors lived in their whole lives. There is a reason why some products today that play nature sound effects with soft music sell so well; it's because of that peace nature gives in our hearts.Sleeping in field

People have a hard time sleeping or feeling peace when the television is on or the radio is blasting, but when we quiet ourselves and play some sound effects of rivers or streams or thunderstorms suddenly our whole attitude and mindset changes. We feel that inner peace come into us and can experience a state of "zen" where the cares of this world are released from our bodies and minds. Nature is just that powerful, and when you get to walk a trail in a forest or go rock climbing in the mountains there is a youthful vitality and energy that rises up that no piece of technology can give. This is the reason we feel so at peace in nature.

Environmental effects

Similar to my article on Spring Fever, nature and the environment play a role in why we feel peace and energy in this setting. Having abundant sunlight works well in our bodies by creating more energy and giving us a sense of youth and vitality we didn't feel like we had before indoors. The cool wind blowing in our face gives us a breath of fresh air and a pleasant feeling on our skin. The feel of dirt, sand, or grass on our bare feet is exciting because we are used to wearing shoes our whole lives. These and other natural things out in the world sync well with our inner peace and desire to be outside and not stuck in a building in front of a computer screen or watching television.

Fun and exciting

Another great alluring feeling that we get from nature is the idea that when we Playing in fieldare outside we can play and have fun. Going to a park or a field to throw a Frisbee or a ball around is always fun no matter who they are, as everyone enjoys running around or playing outside since as kids we did that all the time. We have peace as adults when we get to be outside and watch our children play because it's what we used to do and we can identify with those wonderful feelings and emotions of being outside and having a great time. The energy and feelings we get from building a trail or a fort in the forest around our homes gives us a sense of freedom and exploration as nature is just begging to be explored and tried out. We can't explore man made things like we can nature, that's why things like the zoo and safari are so exciting for everyone to experience because animals aren't man made but are instead part of nature!

How we were created

This is a spiritual side to why we feel this way, but God created the world and created nature so we are naturally exposed to this and not man made things. Because God created nature and all the natural things we see today, we are created in His image so we relate to God by seeing His creation. This is a powerful truth and one of the main reasons why we experience that feeling of peace and energy and joy when in nature is because it's a perfect creation from God. Relating to God in this manner shows that we have a true link with nature whereas technology and modern day things offer no true value to our hearts and being.

Now you know

These feelings go with us for our entire lives as nothing can revitalize the soul and body like taking a walk or being in the outdoors. Nature is always calling us to be out with it, and who are we to decline such an awesome invitation? Take some time out of your day today and get outside to experience all that nature has to offer. That inner peace will surely rise up and you will love it.