Why do we continually go watch new movies in the Theatres? The cost of a new movie is almost $10.00 in many areas. If you take a date out to the movies then that is $20.000 just for the movie tickets and then you will probably spend another $15.00 jus ton drinks and popcorn. That is $35.00 simply to watch a movie. The movie industry gets upset that people are illegally downloading movies online yet they have been robbing us for years.

We all agree that movie prices and the prices of refreshments at movie theaters are too expensive. Now the question is why do we continue to pay this money to see movies at the theatre? Here are some of the reasons why we spend money at the movie theatres.

First Out

We as humans love to watch movies and we do not want to wait for it to be released on DVD. We want to see the movie as soon as possible because we have no patience. Because we have no patience we want to see the movie as soon as it comes out.


Many theatres are now offering movies in 3D. This is great because most people cannot afford to experience 3D movies at home and it makes the extra money we pay for out movie tickets to see like it is worth it. If you have not yet got to experience a 3 Dimensional movie at the theatre lately then I highly recommend you check it out. The 3D of today’s world is much better than the 3D technology that was popular back in the 50’s. Go try out 3D at one of these new theatres and see a blockbuster film in 3D. You will be truly amazed at how entertaining it is. If you get a choice of seeing the movie regularly or going to a 3D screening of it then you should pay the extra money and see the flick in 3D because it is totally worth it!


TheatreCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sackerman519/6299143087/We demand to watch put movies in quality. Sure people download movies illegally and will continue to do so, but until they can get new movies out in perfect quality on the torrent sites people will continue to go to the theatres. Although illegally downloading movies online is very common, there are still a lot of people that do not know how to do it. This is good because we need people to continue supporting the movie industries because if we don’t they will fail and we will get no new movies unless it is a forward thinking movie company who understands how they can monetize multiple platforms and even make money when the movie is downloaded illegally.


Taking your wife or girlfriend on a date consisting of a dinner and movie is an old tradition that people still love to do. Unfortunately the movie part of the date often costs more than the dinner part of the date. It is a lot of fun to go on dates and “make out” with your date. It is not near as much fun to download a crappy copy of a movie still in the theatre and then hover around you small laptop screen and try to make out with your girlfriend. It is still a fun thing to go to the movie theaters and see your friends there and to laugh and cry with strangers while watching a movie.


Yes we can make popcorn at home that is much cheaper and even much healthier but it just doesn’t taste the same as the popcorn in the buckets that we buy from the movie theatres. It is salty, greasy, and has a buttery taste from the fake butter flavoring they add, but we continue to but it.


We go to movies because it is a tradition. Sometimes it may even be a habit for us. We go to new movies we are interested in and will take our spouse. We have always done it and will always continue to do it. Maybe it reminds us of our first date or the first time you held your wife’s hand. Regardless of why or how it became to be a tradition, traditions are hard to break.

Children Advertising

It is hard for parents to keep their children away from advertising. Disney, Pixar, and other companies that make movies targeted towards families and children will often market heavily. Kids are often aware of new kid’s movies before the parents are. The kids are so bombarded with ads that they “just have to see the movie” and plead with their parents to take them to see it. Parents finally give in and take their children to see it, even though the parents probably enjoy the movie too. The exception is Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua sucked super-bad and no adult in their right mind could have enjoyed that super crappy and super annoying movie.

Water Cooler Talk

Everybody at works always gathers around the water cooler at work and discussed the newest blockbuster film. You pay the money to go to the theatre and watch it because you want to be part of the conversation and not feel like you are “left out”.

Instant Immersion

When we attend a movie we can often get immersed into the movie because the screen is so much larger than our television at home. The large screen size combined with the dark room and the surround sound makes watching a movie an event. Instant immersion in a movie can be hard to attain if you are watching at home.

It’s the American Way

Americans waste money. We know that we overpay for movies but who cares right? We as Americans are going to waste money anyways so we might as well spend it on an expensive night out at the movies. We already have enough pairs of over-priced designer jeans so we can now go and spend our money at the movie theatre and on Apple products.