Why We Lie (33617)

Why we lie is a question that anyone being lied to will ask themselves; unfortunately, the person lying never seems to contemplate this topic.

The lie is a part of everyday life for most of us. We may not even consciously know we're doing it.

The lie has become common place and is accepted in today's society as a necessary means to certain ends.

How this has happened is largely due to the fact that human beings possess compassion, so we may tell an untruth to keep from hurting someone's feelings.

This lie isn't meant to hurt; in fact just the opposite is true. We may compliment a new garment, or hairstyle a friend is wearing, when we really don't like it. Again not a malicious act.

People will sometimes lie just to avoid an argument. Once again the infamous lie has been used for good, to avoid conflict.

Job applications have received false statements since there have been job applications. A lie in this instance has been known to acquire jobs for many people in a position they would never had been considered for had they told the truth.

Lying to yourself can be a help to morale; telling yourself over and over that everything will work out in a bad situation can sometimes calm us enough to solve the issue.

Sometimes even lying to ourselves can come to a positive end. So, a means to an end once again has shown to be a valid reason to lie. Society has learned to accept these reasons.

Others exist like lying for financial gain; people will do this, to get an edge in a business deal, or get the upper hand in any financial negotiation.

This lie is usually looked at with contempt by most. Except the one who has made the lie work, to gain what they wanted. For them it has worked and the lie was a good thing.

After thinking, of how so many opportunities exist to make a lie into a positive thing for us, it's amazing that humans don't do it even more often then they do. It would be hard to argue with a lot of the reasons why we lie.

Why We Lie (31772)Society has learned to get what it wants at all costs. A lie is a small thing to so many people today, that it's even considered a good social trait to be able to do it with a straight face.

If you're considering lying to someone to be a better person, then this is an absolutely acceptable practice in society today.

If you're lying for personal gain, then the taboo remains. If we always keep this criteria in mind, why we lie will always be considered one of our best character flaws.

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