why we need wealth creation as a course in the Nigerian institution of learning

Nigeria is a great country, a country blessed with both natural and human resources. The natural resources have been explored to a reasonable extent why the human resources are still at the beginning state of exploration. The delay of the latter can be attributed to our wrong core values and the environment at large. Like what the economist will say that the success and the growth of a nation are largely dependent on the literacy level of the population and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of that country. The problems we face are not on both issues as we all know that we have a high ratio of literacy level in the country. The major problem we have is gross mental attitude problem (GMA). It is a well know fact that out flocks of graduates and the present job opportunities we have are not at par, one is at a geometric rate (graduates) why the other is at an arithmetic rate (job opportunities) the problem is how do we bridge this gap.  This will now take us to the present realities in our educational system. Our educational system which happens to be the foundation of success has a lot of pitfalls and inadequacies, the rigid policies that governs our educational system does not give room for change and as a result hampers the GMA of individuals. Once the mental part of the individual is not given adequate attention it affects the entire entity of the person.

The wrong views and core values the educational system had imposed on our present youths can be seen as the major reasons why our educational system has not significantly affected the growth of the country and the individual at large. Our youths believe the reason for acquiring education is to come out with a good grade and get a good job, but I tell you that is indeed a wrong notion and wrong core value. Like I said earlier, that the problems with our educational system is that the policies made by the policy makers are too rigid, we fail to embrace change, course if we do we would have found out that there are obsolete and irrelevant subjects we still offer in our educational system of learning. It behooves me to enlighten the masses that there are new and relevant subjects that are in vogue. These subjects were strategically prepared to solve the alarming rate of unemployment in the world today and give people a sense of fulfillment in life without waiting for one company to employ them; rather they create employment opportunities for millions of people. Wealth creation is a subject that meets these criteria.

What is wealth creation? Wealth creation is a subject strategically designed to meet the physical, mental, social, psychological and spiritual needs of the masses. One striking importance of this subject is that it does not only put money in your pocket but it enables you to know the dynamics of creating wealth and sustaining it. Wealth creation is made up of the principles and practical aspect. The principle section enlightens or teaches you on the basic ingredients you need to have at your disposal in other to acquire wealth. It works on your mental intelligent, psychological and spiritual by re-orientating you on the right way to view the world and things around you, thereby purging you of your formal and wrong core values. On the other hand the practical aspect takes an extra step by showing you unique and mind blowing ways to acquire wealth (residual or passive income) from the comfort of your home. However, our major area of emphasizes would be on e-commerce. These will equip the individual to the extent that he would be in school and start earning money. I tell you this is what our country needs. I throw this question to you with this (wealth creation) will it reduce the unemployment rate? Let’s embrace change and creativity. I believe this is what our country need at this time.