Everybody knows the standard nursing shoes that most nurses, both men and women, wear are white leather shoes.  Many nurses are wearing various types of clog shoes too but the overarching factor that makes a good nursing shoe is one’s ability to clean those shoes easily and effectively.  

Normal shoes with a tongue and laces and cloth lining can get really dirty really fast and the kind of dirt that nurses deal with is usually quite a bit worse than the dirt and grime most people deal with on a daily basis.  Nurses are usually dealing with bodily fluids and bacteria which can be very dangerous if not kept clean.

White Dansko Nursing Shoes

As a result of working conditions many nurses tend to wear white nursing shoes, usually made of leather or some other easily cleanable material, so that they can maintain a sanitary working environment on the job, in their locker room, and when they go home from work at night.

Of all the different types of nursing shoes on the market some of the most popular are Dansko nursing shoes.  Dansko is well regarded in the nursing community as a manufacturer of well made shoes which are perfect for the field.  Many of Dansko’s nursing shoes are made like clogs but many others are shaped like more standard shoes but of materials and designs better designed for the demands of a working nurse.

You can of course find Dansko shoes in many different colors and styles but of them all white Dansko nursing shoes are probably the best simply because they fit the white nursing shoe trend, they are easy to clean and easy to see when they need a cleaning, and they are very comfortable.

In fact Dansko is one of the most respected brands of nursing shoes on the market for more than just their function.  Comfort and durability are some of the most significant reasons why nurses buy their shoes.  These shoes are sold in most major shoe stores as well as in most major and small medical supply shops, medical uniform retailers, or wherever scrubs and medical clothing and footwear are sold.

If you opt to buy a pair of Dansko nursing shoes you will likely pay a bit more than other brands as the quality and the brand name command a higher price but most nurses find that the price is worth it for the comfort and the functionality of these shoes.  You can usually find a bit of a discount on Dansko shoes online as you can for most products but you will still have to shop around to find the best prices.