Nintendo Wii Brought Gaming to Older Non-Gamers

The Nintendo Wii is a system that causes a lot of split opinions.  For true hardcore gamers, many of them don't like the system or often think of it as a waste of potential.  Kind of a permanent "what could have been" type of argument.  On the other hand this system has had an unusual amount of success in part because it has become popular with people who usually don't play video games, much less buy them.  From nursing homes to holiday family gatherings, there are many occasions where the Wii proves to be the perfect video game system for adults and older gamers who aren't into playing the more traditional styles of games or systems.

For people out there wondering why Wii games are great for older gamers stop to think about some of the benefits older gamers can get.  Eye-hand coordination is not such a big deal with these games, which is definitely a benefit for older gamers.  Having less buttons also makes the controls easier to handle.  For simple games like the basic sports packages, this leads to a great combination of simple but fun games that are easy to understand and easy to play.

The Nintendo Wii console has found and cornered this market group of older gamers by developing a platform and games that can be utilized by any age from 9 to 90. The bottom line is that grandparents and grandkids can both find joy in Wii games and provides a way to bridge the generational gap.  That's not something that most video game consoles can claim.  Bowling, tennis, golf, and even boxing can create a fun environment that everyone can be a part of.

Nintendo Wii realizes that there is nothing wrong with taking an old idea and giving it a new face. One of the enticements of this is that older gamers who lived their childhood enjoying these classics can enjoy them again, in their living room with family rather than the neighborhood arcade.  The ability to have "tag team" video games and working together (as some of the Mario Brothers games allow) also adds another level of fun that lets more people get involved.

Not everyone will be immediately comfortable with the idea of a Wii-based family get together or gathering but a few rounds of golf or a few games of bowling can definitely change that.  It might be a little unusual to get used to at first, but the pay-offs are huge.  Wii proves that video games are for kids of all ages.

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Wii Bowling Tournaments for Nursing Homes

Wii Sports Is the Favorite of Older Gamers

Wii Sports is another popular choice among older gamers for a variety of reasons.  Many people love video golf and bowling even if they're not fans of those sports in real life.  The interaction with everyone makes these great games on the Wii and adds in that little spice of competition.    The other side of it is that golf lovers and bowling lovers will be able to have some sembelance of their games, even after maybe they no longer can physically play the real thing.

With the benefits of fun games for all ages and low impact sports and dance games it's not hard to realize why Wii games are great for older gamers.  Getting active, enjoying a family or group, and just enjoying what this great console from Nintendo has to offer help explain why the Wii console is perfect for grandparents, non-gamers, and any group fun for people who aren't all traditonally video game players.

Wii Sports Is the Perfect Game for New Elder Gamers

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