I began writing for Info Barrel in August of 2009. In order to give the proper context, in relation to the development of this website platform and growth trends, I think it is important to reveal that this article was written in September of 2010. I am mentioning this because, with time, I expect a few people to read this article: some of which may read it months or years into the future. This article is being written in context of the things I have researched and analyzed since I began writing on Info Barrel over a year ago to this day.

Leading up to the release of this article, I would like to share several reasons why I believe that anyone who begins writing here will earn a significant amount of money, through the form of reliable and continual, passive income month after month. Because I can't personally predict the amount of effort and diligence you will invest into this platform, it is very difficult to say, without a doubt, that you will succeed in meeting whatever monetary goals you have set out for yourself. Even still, I truly believe that there are few opportunities for writers online that compare to what Info Barrel offers it's writers.

  • Generous, Transparent, and Predictable Revenue Share Offerings. In the highly crowded Web 2.0 revenue sharing industry, it is not uncommon for website platforms to change or adjust their offerings, as they become more popular and more trafficked by users all around the globe. For example, a platform that offers its writers a 100% revenue share in it's early days of growth and development, may decide to cut this revenue share (either expectedly or unexpectedly) once their site and content has gained a significant amount of organic searches and has become 'viral'. While doing this may ultimately help their own bottom line, this is an easy, surefire way to loose the trust of writers who have invested so much into helping to build and grow a platform.

While writing this article, after over a year of contributing content to Info Barrel, I feel 110% confident that Info Barrel ownership has absolutely no desire or intent to change or adjust their revenue share arrangement with writers. At this point, their business model, I believe, is solified around the ingenious and innovative execution of an escalating revenue share model hybrid that is incentivized by user performance in a points system. Essentially, in its simplest explanation, the more you write for Info Barrel, the more you will be rewarded in increased revenue share with each month.

  • Future Achievement of a Google Adsense Premium Account. When websites become so large and massively trafficked by people all around the globe, Google itself can't help but take notice. What essentially happens is that Google begins to see a site, like Info Barrel, as an opportunity to further their billion dollar advertising business. Afterall, it is through the hosting of Adsense advertisements, and subsequent 'clicks', that make Info Barrel writers a substantial amount of their earnings on Info Barrel. While Info Barrel has integrated several other complementary methods of monetization into their platform, Google Adsense will perhaps forever be the one through which writers earn the most.

With this said, few people realize that a website can actually be granted a Google Adsense Premium Account. Outside of their having sufficient monetary resources to grow their content by thousands upon thousands of pages consistently, over years, most of the millions of websites online will never ever realize a Google Adsense Premium Account. This isn't said to shatter the dreams of people, however, a one person operation would have extreme difficulty getting their website to this point.

At the time of this writing, Info Barrel does not currently have a Google Adsense Premium Account, however, based on their development and growth trends, I strongly believe that they will one day. What this means is that not only will Info Barrel be able to display more blocks of advertisements, but they will also be granted an audience with officials at Google, in order to directly negotiate a share of revenue on the advertisements that they host. With a consistent Adsense revenue share, of up to 90%, what obtainment of an Adsense Premium account means is that Info Barrel writers earning WILL substantially increase. There will certainly be opportunity for new members to earn, however, those who decide to join Info Barrel now, and contribute high quantities of high quality content, will stand to earn the most in both the longterm and short term.

  • Continual Involvement and Interaction by Ownership. Many times, on Web 2.0 websites, ownership of the actual site does very little, if any, interacting with their users. While their are different philosophies regarding just how involved ownership should be, Info Barrel's ownership has proven to be extremely empathetic to the needs of their users. While some website's owners may purposefully disattach themselves from their users, for one reason or another, many recommendations, to Info Barrel's ownership, have actually been taken and implemented into the website. At one point, a user forum wasn't even in existence until mounting user feedback began to show that integration of a community forum could give users a great place to interact, ask questions, and learn from one another.

In the long run, it is comforting and reassuring, to have ownership that isn't disattached to the needs and concerns of their users. Because this website needs its users just as much, if not more, than we need them, this reciprocal relationship is proving to be the driving force behind the exponential growth that has been accompanied by massive bounds in search engine authority. When Google view Info Barrel as an authority website, you can rest assured that those writers who began contributing content in this website's early days will be earning a significant amount, under an up to 90% completely transparent revenue share model.

Along with this article, I would like to know what YOU think! Whether you are a new Info Barrel writer, or a seasoned veteran, what things and/or elements of functionality and interaction have you witnessed that makes you believe that Info Barrel will be the next best revenue sharing website to write for? Please, share your experiences and your thoughts. It is my honest belief that writer's earnings will be/have been directly tied into the expontential growth and authority that this site has gained simply from listening to and leverage its most valued asset: its users.

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