The reason why most women seek out men who are players or really have no interest in a relationship is because these types of men have more power. Women seek out men with power and confidence and then they try and control and manipulate them. Men who are players and know not to get into a relationship know just how devastating women can be when they do try and rule their lives. Women do not want to get into relationships with men that have nothing to offer them. You would think that this would be the case and women would want this in a relationship because they would be easier to control, but this is not true at all. Women want something that they can work for. They want to be able to use mens power to their advantage. Guys that do not show any masculinity or ability to dominate, do not create any attraction to women.

Women want to be inspired and captivated by men and when they see someone who has a lot to offer, or they find men that other women are attracted to, they get jealous and try to become more dominating and become the most important one. It is like a game and they will do anything in their power to win it.

Women also sense that men who have no interest in them have more to offer them and more love to give underneath it all. This is really a deception though, because the truth is that when women go after men like this, they are setting themselves up for a lot of hurt. Many women who chase after men like his are very insecure and do not know how to find true sustenance. They feel and sense it in a man, and they chase after it to try and use it up for themselves. The feed off this energy and men who keep to this mindset are the smartest as they come. Not all women fall under this category, but this is the usual reason why women go after this type of men. This is also not a generalization of all women, just a perspective on these types of relationships and a good answer to the question why are women more attracted to men that have no interest in them. The best way to get this kind of man into your life, is to create more confidence in yourself rather than trying to chase after it to no avail.