As our society progresses towards women’s presence increasing in the business workplace, there have been many more ladies casual dress shoes to choose from in retail stores. About 30 years ago most stores only carried a few pairs of formal shoes for women because they only expected those women to be wearing them at events such as weddings, communions, and dance parties. However, women working in professional jobs require them to wear dress shoes for up to 5 days per week.

Most retail stores have increased the count of casual dress shoes for ladies that they carry for this sole reason. Since women generally tend to have more pairs of shoes than men, most stores will actually carry more pairs for women than men! This article is designed to expose you to the best pairs of cheap dress shoes that can be purchased for affordable prices. These are not the cheapest or the most expensive pairs of dress shoes, but they are the ones that will allow the woman to look casual for a relatively affordable price.

Guess By Marciano Ashia3

The Guess brand name has been around for quite some while, and has substantially increased the amount of products, and quality of products that they carry over the last few years. This specific pair would be ideal for shorter women that are about 5 feet tall, and would like to gain some inches through wearing a pair of ladies casual dress shoes; however, these dress shoes would not be an ideal choice for women that are insecure about themselves being too tall.

The majority of people might freak out immediately upon seeing the price tag; however, you can be sure that you are receiving the absolute best quality products when you purchase pairs of casual dress shoes by the Guess By Marciano brand name. Realistically, these shoes will be in great condition for at least 5 years, so you can be sure that your money will travel a great distance.

Our Current Society Is Leaning Towards Accepting Ladies Casual Dress Shoes As More Women Enter The Business Workplace

As was stated in the first paragraph of this article, many more women are entering the business workplace, and ultimately require a few nice pairs of ladies casual dress shoes to wear on a regular basis. The ultimate goal of stores is to fill their shelves with the products that will sell in the quickest fashion.

Take thought in the following statements for a few seconds. Women are generally fashionistas, and enjoy a nice pair of shoes (whether heels or flats) to wear. Now women are entering the business workplace more often, which brings up two valid points; those women will need more pairs of dress shoes to wear to work, and will have the money to purchase those additional pairs because of their higher paying business job. With all of that being said, it is no wonder that retail stores have decided to increase the amount of ladies casual dress shoes that they carry on their shelves!

Guess By Marciano Starla Pair Of Ladies Casual Dress Shoes

The benefits of buying a pair of dress shoes that are made by Guess By Marciano can be found in the previous paragraph about the Ashia3 pair. However, the benefits to this specific pair are completely obvious through the picture that is shown on the right. It is the combination of the glossy material alongside the peep-toe hole that makes the Starla pair amazing.

This price tag may be big enough to cause a person with a small budget to have a panic attack; however, you can be assured that you will be receiving a great quality product. Guess By Marciano uses durable materials that will not wear and scuff for a very long time; you will be paying a hefty price for them, but they will last you substantially longer than any other pair that you are considering.

These Ladies Casual Dress Shoes Are Quite Expensive But You Get What You Pay For-Price=Quality

One of the most notable things about dress shoes is that you will be getting what you will be paying for most of the time. There are obviously brands that are most expensive than others, but they also choose to use durable materials that will last longer.

Although this is not true with all of the pairs of ladies casual dress shoes that you will find, all of the pairs that are described throughout this article follow the price=quality rule. You can still get a nice pair of ladies dress shoes for a budget that falls in the $30-$50 range; however, those cheaper pairs will definitely not have the same quality of overall look, and will not last nearly as long as these!

BCBGeneration BG Tinas-Santos

If I could only choose one word to describe this specific pair of ladies casual dress shoes, it would be “classy”. I believe that it is the semi-glossed white material, and the modest heel height that give it this classy appeal that many women are searching for. In addition, it is rare to find a pair of BCBG shoes that are available for under $100, nevertheless, a pair that looks and feels as good as this one! The Tinas-Santos would be an excellent choice for a woman that is planning on wearing a nice pair of dress shoes to a casual occasion such as a luncheon on a hot summer’s day. In addition, the high quality leather that these shoes are made from will not wear or deteriorate from the sweat that is coming off of your feet!