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When God took the rib from Adam, and he created Eve he created us with a great purpose in mind. I am pretty sure as I type this that the last thing he wanted was for women as a whole to experience disrespect, mistreatment, degradation, and suffering.

I believe God intended for us to be loved, cherished, respected, cared for, and protected above everything else.

Being a woman myself... it pains me to say this but I feel that we women sometimes settle into the lines of comfort out of fear of rejection. In today’s world we see the level of respect towards women is nearly diminished, and even if we are afforded the proper respect we have to fight for it and show a bit of aggression. In showing that aggression, it makes us feel less lady-like and we feel that we are suppressing who we really are. We should be more vocal and raise our voices, but we need a better strategy to be listened to and be taken seriously.

Sometimes the reason why we are seen and not heard is because we are maxing out the volume in our voices and grating the ears, instead of adding a feminine touch to the firmness in our voice and getting people to listen and understand us.

Personally, we are not demanding respect as we should. In society, people have taken on the trend of calling women the B-Word. And because it has been carried around and used for so long, I notice that some of us (with the exception of myself) are caving in and right out referring to ourselves as one.

The way you address yourself says all the more about your level of respect as a person.

We cannot demand respect from another woman, nor a man if we are continually referring to ourselves as a B-Word, and we certainly cannot demand it if we are tolerating being treated in ways that we know we should not put up with.

When you call yourself a B-Word around other women, it subconsciously speaks to them that you are classless and you wouldn’t mind being treated any kind of way. You would be okay with being walked over, you would be okay as being seen as a problem. I personally also see this self-depreciation as an interpretation of carelessness and disrespect towards having a meaningful sister-like friendship with other women. After all, I’ve witnessed women referring to their other friends as the B-Word and it floored me in ways I cannot explain.

There was a girl that I witnessed a few years ago. She constantly referred to herself as the B-Word, and she also did the same towards her female friends. I noticed that while she demanded respect from other women, and men (which would include her boyfriend at the time), she would always have a falling out with other women and the lack of respect from men was as obvious and noticeable as a child who had wet themselves at school wearing khaki pants.

She wanted the respect and the good treatment, but she did not get it because she was not practicing what she so often complained and ranted on and on about.

Speaking of explanations, it is far more worse when you refer to yourself as a B-Word around a man. To save you the extra lines of reading, it shows the same classless attitude you have for yourself towards him, and it also subconsciously tells him that you are not worth good treatment. Ladies, the absolute LAST THING you want in life is to be known for having fragile standards.

We teach people how to treat us. So if we allow any and everything to pass through our good graces as women, we should not be surprised when we are treated as less than we deserve.

If women want to be treated better, then there is a simple solution to getting better treatment,  even superior treatment. It starts with yourself, ladies. Start out by referring to yourself as a lady, and act as such. Be vocal about what you will and will not tolerate. Believe it or not, but a man will respect a vocal woman so as long as she doesn’t purposely trample on his man hood.

There is a wonderful reward that comes from treating yourself the way you want to be treated, and then demanding it from others. It will not only have a tremendous effect on your interactions with other women, but you will also get the respect you deserve from men.

Live your life in front of people as though they are watching, because just when you think they aren’t - they are watching your every step. Everyone looks up to someone, even if you don’t notice it.

If you approach a woman who is not used to respecting herself more as she should be, she will notice how you carry yourself. This can draw other women of the same tenure towards you and hopefully it will promote them to imitate your behavior so that they can get the same treatment in their lives.

When you can inspire other women to love themselves and treat themselves better by just interacting with them, and you can demand respect from any man that you come across, then you are making a small difference in this world.  In making a small difference know that you won’t be able to persuade some people at all and that’s okay. Move on to the next person that you come across.

Knowing your worth is important. The people who know your worth will either acknowledge it and respect it, or distance themselves and respect it.

When you know what your worth, you won't fall victim to degrading yourself, nor will you try to negotiate whether or not if you should settle because your mind has absorbed the incredible strength of loving yourself.