Many women who want to begin working out and dieting in order to shed a few pounds never consider lifting weights. Lifting weights is often thought of as something to do to “bulk up”, which is what most women do not want to occur. This is a major mistake for women not to lift weights when they want to lose weight and get in shape. Lifting weights is great to help lose fat. Here are some reasons why women should lift weights.


Lifting weights speeds up the metabolism which allows you to lose fat faster. A faster metabolism allows your body to burn more calories when you are resting and not doing any activities. By lifting weights you will allow your body to burn more calories 24-7.

A Woman in ShapeCredit: Flickr/lululemon athletica

Burn Fat

Lifting weights is vital to losing fat. You can lose weight by aerobic exercise alone, but when you combine aerobics along with an active weight lifting regimen you will burn fat faster. It is proven by numerous studies that lifting weights is essential to burn off your fat faster.


Lifting weights allows many people to be less stressed in their life. Less stress can mean a lower blood pressure and overall better health both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Heart Health

The heart is a muscle so it only makes sense that you work the muscle. Aerobic exercise is extremely important to heart health but so is weight lifting. Lifting weights can lead to a healthier heart and add many years to your life, especially if you come from a family where many of your relatives have died at young ages from heart failure.

Shape Your Body

By lifting weights you can literally sculpt your body into new forms. If you want to lose weight without lifting weights you can do it but it will take longer. Another downfall of attempting to lose weight without lifting weights is your body will not be “toned”. You may be skinnier but your skin will still be flabby. If you want a sexy body you should lift weights in addition to your aerobic exercises.

Strengthen Your Whole Body

In addition to sharpening your mind and making your body look better lifting weights will also help to strengthen your bones. You may not worry about bone strength right now, but later in life you will. Do you want to be an active and happy senior citizen or do you want to break your hip and be immobile? Lifting weights is extremely important to your body.