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Pizza remains a popular dish, and in our fast-food society there are a number of ways to get it.  If you’re into pizza at all, you’re probably aware that it is still sometimes made the old-fashioned way—in an outdoor wood-fired oven, sometimes called a brick pizza oven.  It’s likely you’ve seen one or two in person, and maybe you’ve even enjoyed the distinctive taste of a pie made from a brick pizza oven.  But for a lot of people, cooking a pizza in one of these ovens sounds like a lot of trouble when you could just order one by phone and have it delivered to your door.  Furthermore, these types of ovens admittedly aren’t cheap to purchase.  Wood-fired ovens, however, confer a lot of advantages to pizza lovers out there.  Let’s talk about some of them in detail.


Believe it or not, there was once a time where pizzas weren’t primarily found in the microwaveable frozen-food section of the local supermarket.  Any foodie who values the history of cooking techniques should be particularly interested in wood-fired ovens, which in Italy have been used since the 19th Century to make pizza.  For persons of Italian descent, this can provide a way to honor family traditions; others may simply appreciate the opportunity to cook pizzas the way they used to be made.


Due in part to the smoke circulating throughout the appliance, a pizza from an outdoor pizza oven has a rich taste that other cooking techniques can’t replicate.  In addition, many people enjoy the relatively crispy crust that a wood-fired oven tends to produce. 


Let’s face it, a wood-fired oven looks sharper than a microwave oven.  Installing one of these distinctive-looking ovens on your property can instantly add a visual flair to your environs.  Home pizza ovens can also provide an excellent hub for outdoor gatherings at your place.


Cooking with wood means you forego chemicals and other substances that can damage the environment.  You will also save on gas and electrical expenses.


Nobody ever said that outdoor pizza ovens are only for pizzas.  These ovens can also be used to bake, roast, and grill a variety of foods, including bread, vegetables, and pies.

Ease of Installation

A lot of people attracted to the practical features of wood-fired ovens blanch at the presumed difficulty involved in assembling one, but their worries are unfounded.  Many ovens require minimal assembly—and some none at all.  Certain models, such as the Mario Batali Amici, are small enough to be installed in a wide range of locations around the property, making it easy to find a suitable spot. 

Ease of Use

While other types of ovens can take hours to heat, brick pizza ovens can be heated in a fraction of the time.  The extremely high temperatures they reach means that pizzas are ready to eat in literally a few minutes.  Also, these ovens can retain heat for hours, allowing you the opportunity to cook a very large amount of food if need be; this is an asset if you are cooking for substantial numbers of people.