All of us must have seen work online from home executives at some point of time and wondered how will work life be on the other side of the door? Many of us may have also considered taking up such a job. I know there are many jobs which will always require personal presence; there are millions of other jobs which can as easily be done from home.

Don't believe me, check out online and you'll be surprised at the number and types of jobs being done through telecommuting. So now may be a time when you join the bandwagon of the new work revolution. But if you are wondering why these jobs are better than the regular ones, here are a couple of solid reasons.

Makes Environment Sense - There has been a lot of buzz about carbon credit of companies, but have you ever wondered what your carbon footprint amounts to? Research says about 1.5 gallons of fuel is spent by an average American to reach and return from his/her workplace. Things get even worse in European nations where the distances are more. Teleconferencing is deemed as a green technology. Contribute your share, if not entirely, you can work from home on a part of your job. In new work culture, "work from home" is a negotiable factor. This too will make a lot of difference in the long term.

Makes Money Sense- You don't have to be an environmentalist to work from home. It also has monetary benefits. Consider the money you'll save on pretentious expenses like formal clothing, outside meals etc. I know it won't amount to much, but think of the Income Tax you'll save as you can also claim rebate on many expenses incurred for running the home based business. Income tax rules allow a lot to be claimed by free lancers. You can get rebate on your new laptop, iPhone, house renovation, fuel expenses etc. Check with your local accountant for the exact number applicable in your case.

So if you telecommute, you are making a difference to both to the world and your life. If you are not completely sure, you may need more reasons to work online from home. Nevertheless, you can start taking up part time projects to understand if you have the aptitude for home based business. There are many Work From Home Online Ideas you can find. So continue doing your day job, but do try online projects to get a taste of the life on the other side of the door.