There are a lot of jobs out there, despite the fact that it seems like nobody is hiring in this economy. The truth is employment is being extended to people every day and one of the most vibrant hiring sectors is the retail industry. There are a number of reasons why a person would want to work in retail and several others that might prevent a person from wanting to work in the industry. With that said here are a few good reasons to work in retail.

It’s a great way to get in the door with a large number of companies. Let’s face it there are a million different retailers out there and they all need staffing. What most people fail to do is look beyond the store front and into the potential beyond the associates manning the sales floor. For example any good retailer has buyers, shippers, brokers, accountants, warehouse workers, inventory specialists, administrative support staff, and many more. The point is that when you enter the retail world, if you are looking for a career there is definite potential. Even those who simply want to enter the world of management have stellar opportunities through retail.

Flexibility, when it comes to hours, is one of the great reasons to work for a retail store. While the managers usually have hours they need to fill, because of the level of a store front employee there is always wiggle room. For picking up extra shifts, part timers, and even busy school goers retail offers the flexibility of an adjustable schedule. Being that most stores are open a minimum of 88 hours every week, and tend to be open over the weekends there is a good possibility of finding a retail job to accommodate other things in one’s life.

The pay in retail is certainly far from the best imaginable. However, many places now offer incentives like commissions for sales people which can amount to a significant amount of pay. A good sales person loves the challenge of hunting the next big commission check and working in retail provides an outstanding opportunity where the customers come to the sales person and a warm lead the second they walk into the door. Working in retail can help hone and even develop some serious selling skills. A good sales person can also make a very good income working in a retail commission based environment.

Variety is the spice of life. Being that there are so many different kinds of retailers it stands to reason that there is a lot to chose from in the form of employment. If it’s fast food that floats your boat, there are a number of chains that could you’re your services; if its clothing and fashion, then the mall could be your paradise shopping ground – for a job that is. Retail allows people to choose from a variety which presents opportunities in a chose career path as well. Getting a great deal of experience in retail electronics for example can absolutely help with the next job working for a major electronics manufacturer or distributor.

Retail jobs are not for everyone, there are those who would much rather work in an officer and even those who would rather work from home. But if you are looking for something that is outside the box, flexible, can pay well, offers variety, and could open the door to a potential career – perhaps giving retail another look is a good idea. 

Retail Associate
Credit: Microsoft Clip Art