So, really - "Why would you want to provide excellent customer service?"

Some people just don't get it!

This is a question you can often hear over and over again when you're inside a business, trying to instigate changes that will improve its customer service levels (and your bottom line, believe you me).  People will often pipe up and say something along the lines of, “Isn’t good customer service ... good enough?”

Well, sure it is - if you want to be like a lot of companies out there.  Of COURSE clients will be okay with good/okayish service - because they are used to it.  That doesn't make it right, or effective from a business perspective.  If you are a business owner and you are happy with an 'okay' business ... why did you get into business?  Is it about the money?  Well, that's totally fine - if that's the case, please understand that outstanding customer service increases your retention rate AND speeds up the accrual of new customers.  Are you in business because you are passionate about what you do?  Yes?  Great!  In that case, you should be embracing these improvements to customer service in your business with open arms.  No questions asked :).

What Does it Mean to Provide Excellent Customer Service?

Providing excellent service to your purchasers means leaving your customers shocked ... literally flabbergasted ... with how amazing the service is that you provide.  It means leaving them in a mental place, where they cannot help but to spread the word about your company or business.  People notice when you go above and beyond.  It really, truly does reflect on your company's level of hype, word-of-mouth within the local community and it also reflects very well on your profit margins.  Plus, you and your employees will feel great about the positive vibes you're spreading!

Alright, alright ... I hear you.  You want to know the actual key reasons that someone should care about providing excellent customer service?  Read on:


The first reason to provide absolutely amazing customer service is simply due to the amount of referrals this sort of service will get your business.  Real-life case studies have shown over and over again that providing customer service that TOTALLY exceeds what is 'expected' increases referrals to your business much more than simply great customer service.  Look at Zappos - they are absolutely FAMOUS for their awesome, creative work environment and internal encouragement of fantastic customer service.  Or take Mad Mimi for example - they have grown into one of the world's most reputable and reliable email marketing firms without any paid advertising - purely word-of-mouth!

If you really 'wow' a customer, then there is a much much higher chance they will tell their friend or colleagues about the service you provided them and therefore about your product or service.  You can apply this stuff anywhere.  Cafe owners - please understand that even a simple cup of coffee can 'wow' a customer enough to make them talk about you.

Returning Customers

By providing a holistic service experience that really exceeds a customer's expectations, the chances they will return and purchase from you again is massively increased.  Imagine, yourself, receiving an email reply from a company in 3-5 mins after you had first emailed them!  Or - being able to speak to someone straight away when you have a problem.  This type of rapid-response service positively affects how the customer views your company; it therefore makes it very easy for them to make a mental note that is nothing but good for you - “I’ll use these guys again in the future."

By ensuring that your customers have an exceptional experience with you each time, you do yourself a massive favour, and almost certainly ensure that you will have more (and happier) return customers in the future.

Good Company Moral

Working for a company where customers are unhappy is not fun!  No one likes to come to work to be shouted at or abused on the phone or via email.  It is not good for the people giving you business, and it is not good for you and your teammates.  However, if you instead provide an experience that is truly amazing, the opposite is equally true; making staff happy starts with making the consumers happy.  Don't forget your staff in this whole equation - their ongoing happiness is another awesome reason to ensure that your customers experience nothing less than a 'wow' moment every time they deal with your business.

By providing excellent customer service, your business will make more money, obtain more return customers and make your employees happier.  I know I harp on about the benefits like a broken record - but then again that's my job!  All of these things I've mentioned are a plus, plus, plus to your business!  What are you waiting for?  Go forth, spread the love, be friendly!  Be 'demanding for outstanding' (clever, huh?) customer service in your business.