Admin that cares about its writers

Writers enjoy writing for info barrel because the administration listens to its members and its writers are so helpful if you have problems. This is a relatively new site, and is growing stronger every week.

You can write articles about most topics like pet care, health, how to, building, web pages, technology virtually anything and earn money at the same time. They have a few restrictions and these are imposed not to discourage writers but to make sure the quality is of good and interesting content.  The bonus of writing for Infobarrel is that you do not have to continually go back every week and update your articles to earn money from them like some other sites.

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Welcome to Infobarrel



Info barrel is really a great place to write. Although like any sites you need to learn the best ways of doing everything. The first thing a new members needs to do after joining is read the guidelines on how to write and upload articles and add images. Images add to the attraction of your articles and will increase your earning potential. This will save you a lot of wasted time and energy by preventing you from making mistakes.

The main challenge upon joining info barrel is that you need to write ten quality articles which will not be published until they are individually pre-approved by the administration. I have to admit, this was the hardest part. Simply because you have written a few articles and you are anxious and excited to see them published. Be patient the rewards will be worth the wait.

Yes I did understand the reasons for this, to keep up a high standard and quality of articles.  So that I  was so happy when I had written those ten articles which gave me a certain satisfaction of achievement, knowing that my writing had passed the test. Once this happens you will realize the benefit and reasoning behind this part of the administrations criteria.

Since joining info barrel in November 2010 the administration department has continued to improve and added so many new features to help their writers. Many have been added at the request of its writers, what other Admin listens to their members?

Writing your Article

Home- This naturally takes you to the info barrel home page and showcases some of the quality items written by its writers especially the best Featured Articles.

Create- This is what you click on to create your first masterpiece.

Now you need to do the following:

  • Add your keyword researched title
  • Add the Human security test
  • Click on Check title and Start Writing
  • Choose the best category for your article
  • When this opens you can fill in the summary this will help the search engines find your article
  • Add five tags
  • Fill  in the Amazon Product Banner
  • add a Signature (you can leave that until later)
  • On the right hand side of the screen you will see
  • Elements, References, Images, Stats
  • Add text
  • add Image
  • Add Video
  • Add Code
  • Add Amazon Product.
  • Start by clicking on the Add Text.  Fill that with text of your Choice.
  • Click on Add Amazon Product- Choose a product similar to your article topic
  • Add another text module
  • Click on image and upload a suitable image for your article.


Continue like this until you are satisfied with the results.

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Writers Forum- This is truly a very helpful forum. I have personally learned a lot from asking simple questions, on certain aspects and have always received the required answers.If you have any other problems you can also use the contact us link.

Contest- Info barrel has a monthly contest which allows you to write on the required monthly topic and earn extra money for that month. The more you write on the topic of the month the bigger percentage you earn.Not only that if you write articles over five hundred words you earn extra money and more still for eight hundred words and yes still more earnings for articles written containing over one thousand words.Therefore what are you waiting for, start writing here as Info barrel rewards the writers that are working harder for them so make sure you produce well written articles.

Contact us- Use this link to contact the administration if you have any difficulties with the site or your articles. They will reply to you within a couple of days or as soon as possible. Not many sites allow personal contact with the administration.

Charity- You can donate a particular article to a designateded charity, and can you stop donating at any time if you change your mind.

Get Featured- This is where you look at the articles to write about on certain days.  Once you have written the article enter it into the featured article required for that day.

FAQ- Check this out if you have a query before contacting the admin.


Touch screens are great, they come with their own on screen keyboard although you can attach your own if preferred.
The only downside I have found is little insects will sometimes land on the screen and can open pages without warning. But I still love mine.

Features of Infobarrel

Use of Keywords

Keywords are an important part of earning money with any writing site.What are keywords?These are the words that anyone searching the net would type into a Google, Yahoo or any search engine when looking for information. The better the keyword in theory the more you will earn.Although that is not always correct. Sometimes the lower paying keywords pay more.

Earn extra Money uploading Images

Add photos to your articles as they help to encourage people to read and stay on your page longer.  Also you can add these to media pages and earn even more money from them. Look for artitcles written by other writers on how to do this. If you cannot find the article ask in the forum.

Learn different topics to write

If you are new to writing, then start with things you have a good knowledge about. As you run out of that information research articles on the net. Then in your own words write about the way this information has affected you or what you have learned from it.

Instructions on step by step how to and do-it-yourself articles are always in demand. Whatever you write make sure it is clear and precise information so that the reader may be able to learn something new or be inspired by your article. Inspiration is a great thing to give to someone. Encourage them to challenge themselves into trying a new career or home business.

Infobarrel is a great friendly and helpful place to write so if you have not already joined then why not join us and start writing.You are welcome to join here now from my referal.

Using Photos for ideas

If you still cannot find something to write about then go through your holiday snaps or family photos you will be amazed at the new ideas you will get from them.  And of course you can insert these images into your article and earn extra money from them.

Info Barrel success EBook

x3xSoldierx3x and JCMayer? two of our members have written a very helpful eBook together. Anyone can buy this online for all writers to understand and improve their ability to earn more money writing articles. It is called "Info barrel success". You should check it out I have personally found it very helpful.

Wherever you wish to write I hope you will enjoy producing good well written articles that will continue to earn you money. The more articles you write the more possibilities you have of earning more money.


Do not forget to read and comment on other fellow writers articles.  They will often return the favor.  My mottos is to help those that help you.