Don't Leave Easy Money On The Table

One of the best aspects of writing for InfoBarrel is that once good, quality articles have been written, they will continue to produce income for months or even years to come with no extra effort on the author's part. If an author reaches a point at which their works are producing a respectable amount of income for them each month, those articles will continue to do so even if the author chooses to stop writing completely. If you find yourself in this situation, though, it is definitely in your best interest to keep on writing new articles, even if only a few each month.

While your old articles will continue to generate income for you even if you don't do any more writing, you would be leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of InfoBarrel's monthly contests. Each month, the site runs a contest (usually dealing with holidays in some way) that allows you the opportunity to increase the percentage of ad share that you receive on your content pages.

By default, writers for info barrel receive a 75% share of AdSense impressions on their pages. The monthly contest, however, allows writers to increase their ad share up to a maximum of 90%. While this seems like an increase of 15% (90%-75%=15%, after all), it is actually a 20% increase in revenue (that is, 15%/75%=20%). Somewhat surprisingly, this substantial increase in your AdSense revenue can be maintained by writing as few as seven new articles each month.

Imagine receiving that kind of raise at your normal job. A 20% increase in your income is an enormous jump. If you haven't written very many articles, it may not seem like a lot. Once you have 100, 200, or even more articles published on the site, however, that 20% can account for a very significant amount of money. If you write those six new pieces every month to get your AdSense impression share up to the maximum of 90%, you are effectively giving yourself nearly two and a half months worth of additional InfoBarrel income each year! In addition, you will be continuing to add new articles that will give you more hits and more revenue.

As I said, reaching your maximum of 90% AdSense revenue can be achieved by writing as few as seven new articles each month. Generally, ad-share bonuses are awarded as follows: for each article matching the contest theme for the month, a 1% bonus is awarded, up to a maximum of 5%; also, an author can receive a 5% ad share bonus for earning more than 20 writing points, or a 10% bonus for earning more than 30 writing points. 500-word articles are awarded 1 writing point, 800-word articles are awarded 2 writing points, and 1000-word articles are awarded 5 writing points. Anything written during the month is eligible to earn writing points, even it isn't related to the contest topic.

Strategies For Maximizing Your Impression Share

If an author writes six articles of 1000 words or more, along with one more article of 500 words, that author will be awarded 31 points and a 10% ad-share bonus. If at least five of those articles are about the month's contest theme, the additional 5% ad-share bonus will apply, giving the author the maximum 90% ad share for the following month.

While articles shorter than 1000 words can still earn points for the author, there is a huge jump in value for reaching that 1000-word mark. An author would have to write thirty 500-word articles to get the same number of points that they would receive for just six 1000-word articles. In terms of return on time invested, writing long articles is far more efficient for getting to that 31-point threshold and maximizing your AdSense impression share. On the other hand, writing shorter articles is a more efficient use of your time in producing more individual pages, more pageviews, and more opportunities to get click-throughs.

If you are still trying to build up your content portfolio, then you should lean toward writing a lot of shorter, 500 to 600-word articles. Throw in a few longer ones if you need to do so to hit your 31-point threshold, and make sure that at least five of the articles cover the contest theme for the month. If you do this each and every month you will amass a large collection of articles very quickly, which is really good for increasing your bottom line.

If you already have enough articles published on the site to suit your tastes, or if you simply don't feel like devoting much time to writing for InfoBarrel, focus on turning out a small number of long articles. Write six 1000-word articles and one 500-word article, making sure that at least five of the seven cover the monthly contest theme. With five theme articles and 31 total points, you will have your 90% ad-share for the next month locked up after only a few hours of writing.